Urban McHughly….uhmmm WTF?

WTF? Urban McHughly is an iPhone case shaped like… well I’m not really sure what the hell he’s supposed to be exactly. An alien? His eyes are LED Swarovski crystals and one of his hands is a soft cloth you can use to wipe your screen off with. Mr. McHughly doesn’t appear to have a right hand. He also looks like he has an antenna coming out of his head which is strange because the iPhone doesn’t have an antenna. Strange stuff. No pricing or release date available just yet.

Mobile Visor to Avoid Peepers with Really Good Vision

You need pretty good vision to see what your neighbor is doing on their Blackberry so I’m not sure I totally get the Mobile Visor. Go go gadget extended eyeball! I guess it could be useful on a train or airplane or other tight quarters but couldn’t you just use your hand or position your mobile device in such a way as to avoid peeping eyes?

The Mobile Visor takes it’s cues from the larger monitor visors you will in offices to stop passerbys from looking at the porn important company secrets on your screen. Supposedly it also blocks the glare from the sun, which you can do with your hand, for free. Or you know, rotate your body away from the sun. It folds up to fit in your wallet for easy transport. Cost is $8.95.

Razor Phone Can Really Shave You (and Make Calls)

Maybe you’ve heard of a semi-popular phone called the RAZR? This is not that phone. The Cool 758 is a razor phone. Yes it’s a regular cellphone you can make calls on but open up the hatch on the bottom and:

It’s a real electric shaver! The $112 phone has all your standard cellphone features: 2.6″ screen, 0.3MP camera, MP3 capabilities, Bluetooth, dual SIM cards, FM radio, etc etc etc. Plus you can shave your face with it. I can’t see anyone using this as their primary shaving tool but maybe for a late afternoon touch-up on the five o’clock shadow or to get that embarrassing spot you missed shaving but don’t notice until 4 hours later. Neat idea.

Tag Heuer Meridiist Luxury Phone Gets Even Fancier with Diamonds

Shine on you crazy diamond phone. Last year Tag Heuer previewed their Meridiist luxury phone line, designed to compete with other high end cell phones like the Vertu. Yesterday Tag Heuer announced the launch of a website for the Meridiist and we’ve got a sweet photo of the diamond encrusted version of the phone to go with this story. These phones typically sell for about $4-6000 but these diamond versions start at over $11,000.

The phone itself is a sleek model made of stainless steel with a OLED screen behind scratchproof sapphire crystal glass and your choice of several different leather styles and colors on the back (alligator, calf, etc). It has 28 days of standby and 7 hours of talk time. The phone has a camera with a mechanical sliding lens cover (a feature all phones should have since those lenses get scratched and dirty so easily) and a neat clock feature on the top. You can order one via the Tag Heuer website I listed above. I’m saving up for one!

Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad

Samsung has come up with an innovative solution to allow your cellphone’s keypad to have dual functions. The Alias 2 model is a dual-hinge folding phone. When it’s opened horizontally landscape style for surfing the web and text messaging, the keypad displays a qwerty style keyboard. But when it’s opened up like a traditional flip phone portrait style for talking, the dynamic e-ink keypad changes to reveal numbers for dialing instead:

It looks like a solid alternative to a touchscreen phone for those who prefer the feel of physical buttons on their phone instead of the touchscreen. The Alias 2 will be available on the Verizon network and comes with a 2 MP camera, bluetooth, a microSD card slot.