MicroSD Cards from Elecom are Cute and Evil

Most SD cards are all business with nothing more than the manufacturer’s name and the size on them. Rarely do you see any sort of design or fancy imagery on the cards. Elecom has elected to do something unique with their Loverish series of cute and evil cards.
Depending on how you are feeling, you can either go with the heart design or the skull in a variety of fancy colors in these 2GB micro-SD cards. Yes it might be a bit silly to put a design on something that is not often seen and goes on the inside of your gadgets but then again, why not add some design to the mundane?

Star Trek Urns and Caskets for those who Don’t Live Too Long and Prosper

Once a Trekker always a Trekker, from life to death. (Trekker is the preferred nomenclature of the Trekkie, FYI). Not everyone can live long and prosper and for those who don’t make it (which is all of eventually, except for Richard from Lost) might want to go out in the same style they lived their lives. With this forthcoming line of Star Trek urns and caskets from Eternal Image, you can boldly go where no man has gone before. You might recognize the design as the Photon Torpedo from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I know I did.

Monkey with Heat Sensitive Color Changing Afro

Look at this cute little monkey with Robert Plant’s hairdo! He’s heat sensitive. When it heats up, that ‘fro is going to change colors to let you know it’s monkey hot in here. And when it cools down, the ‘fro changes back to let you know he’s freezing his monkey ass off. Just like real monkeys do.

Beaded Extension Cords Get Plugged In

Typically there is nothing crazy or unusual about extension cords- I mean they are a straight line of rubber encased wires- nothing more and nothing less. But there’s nothing preventing them from having a bit of flair. That’s exactly the thinking behind French jewelry designer Nathalie Costes’s beaded extension cords. Costes uses giant wooden beads to dress up the extension cords and change them from something you want to hide behind furniture to something you are proud to display out in the open. And you better be proud to display them, since they cost about $330 for a 10 foot extension cord.

Cubic Switchplates Give Your Outlets a 3D Effect

Who says light switches and outlets need to have the same boring look as everyone else’s? You can jazz up your house with some Cubic Switchplates. These switch plates replace your regular ones but have a little bit extra material around the outside which will give them the optical illusion of appearing to be in 3D. That’s right… the third dimension. Now your lightswitches can go into the third dimension. Folks, the future is here with us today in glorious 3D.

Review: Solar Charger and Flash Drive from BudgetGadgets.com

We were lucky enough to get a few cool gadgets from BudgetGadgets.com to review. First off is a really handy 5 in 1 solar charger. The cool thing about this is that it has a USB plug so it can charge up anything you have that runs on USB. I found it worked great, however it did take a long while to charge up and it didn’t have enough juice to fully charge my cellphone. The solar charger is ideal for a little “topping off” of your phone, and the electricity is free since it’s solar! Next up was a tiny tiny little USB flash drive with a handsome design. Not much to say about this other than it was super cheap and super small.
So the thing about Budget Gadgets is that, it’s not the type of place you’re going to buy a $5000 flatscreen TV or an iPod from. It’s the type of site that you buy those little doohickies and doodads and cords and plugs and weird adapters and battery packs and all those little things you need to make your gadgets play nice with each other. They offer free shipping on everything in the store (and my items came pretty quickly). They have the type of products that you would buy on eBay for a few bucks and then have to spend more than the item costs just for shipping but instead at Budget Gadgets it ships free. I don’t know how they can offer free shipping on items that cost less than a buck and still make money, but they do.
So go check out BudgetGadgets.com for all those little cheap gadgets. They’ve even provided a 5% off coupon for CraziestGadgets.com readers- use code: JM5OFF4.

Two Finger Wood Pac-Man Ring

I’m not quite sure what the appeal of the two-finger ring is, it’s sort of like a wimpy version of brass knuckles I guess. Although I can see the appeal of this $20 wooden Pac-Man ring. It does sort of remind me of an ink stamp, which would make it into a dangerous weapon- a little ink to the eye anyone? You could kill someone like that, I guess. Maybe not.

Delete Key Billboard

Here’s a super cool Delete Key Billboard done by Ji Lee here in New York City. Ji was part of an organization called NYSAT (New York Street Advertising Takeover). Yesterday NYSAT went around to 126 illegal billboards in the city and whitewashed over the non-permitted advertisements. Then 80 artists went in and created art where there had been ads. Art is much better than ads! Especially geeky art like this. Hopefully nobody else will come by and “delete” this.

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Kindle DX from Amazon Announced, Available to Order

Amazon held a press conference here in New York today to announce the new Kindle DX, their newest version of the electronic reader. The DX features a much larger screen than previous incarnations at 9.7″. It has native PDF support, built-in 3G, and a display that rotates when you turn the device. Several major newspapers will be available on the Kindle and it was announced that a few major Universities will be offering textbooks on the device for students. Full details and purchase information are available on Amazon’s site: Kindle DX. Retail cost at this time is $489.

Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

There’s nothing more annoying than that hard to open clamshell packaging that seems to be in use for every single gadget and electronic item sold today. Even Amazon has started to sell a limited selection of “Frustration Free Packaging items. But for the majority of items today still have the clamshell, so something like the Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener is super handy.
Powered by 2 AA batteries, the device gently glides around the package when you press the button and opens your package, free of frustration. Avoid wrap rage! You can open blister packs quickly and easily without injury to yourself (I’ve cut myself on these packages before, others have too). Neat gadget.

Model Airplane Carpet

Half the fun of making those model airplane kits when you were a kid was getting all dizzy off the fumes from that modeling glue you had to use. The glue also worked well to glue up all the cuts you’d get from snapping out the pieces from their plastic casings. Then you’d paint it, also getting a bit woozy from the paint fumes, and then apply the stickers which you’d realize you did totally wrong after it’s too late to change them. Fun times! Well this model airplane has none of that fun stuff because it’s made of carpet. Booooo. On the plus side, it’s really big.

Rotating Solar Powered Display Turntable

Here’s a cool little gizmo that will let you display your collectibles, merchandise, or food on an automatically rotating turntable. It’s solar powered, so as long as you have some light, your items will go ’round the merry-go-round. There are solar panels on all four sides to catch the rays. The rotation will allow you to see the backside of your item in it’s full glory. I could see it being used at a picnic to rotate some awesome dessert. Or in a trophy case. Or in a store window. Or not.

Superhero Locks Keep Your Stuff Safe from Villains

You can always count on the Justice League to safeguard you from the evil villains in your town and now you can count on those caped crusaders to safeguard your belongings with Superhero Padlocks. These solid steel combination locks with a hardened steel shackle are as tough as kryptonite (the rock, not the bike lock). Available in one of five different Justice League superhero member logo styles- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash.

These locks would look pretty cool on some kid’s school locker. Plus the designs are so distinctive that if you had one of these colorful locks on your locker in school or at the gym, it would be really easy to pick out which locker is yours from a distance. Definitely some of the coolest padlocks I’ve ever seen.

Barrel Monster

File this under just plain cool: A dude in North Carolina was arrested for stealing a bunch of those ubiquitous orange highway barrels you see around construction sites and creating this awesome barrel monster. Frankly, if they put these barrel monsters on the side of the road, I’d slow down for highway construction. That’s scary, especially at night. Heck, I’d like to see a barrel monster kid’s toy, maybe with an accompanying crazy steamroller for a sidekick. Verdict: totally worth it.

Baseball with Built in Radar Gun Tells How Fast You Pitch

Ever wanted to know exactly how fast you’re throwing the baseball? You see the players on TV throwing 90mph or more and wonder just how fast that is exactly. Now you can find out if you’ve got major league stuff with the Smart Ball Digital Speed Sensing Baseball. This baseball claims to be as accurate as a major league radar gun. The digital display shows exactly how fast you’ve pitched up to 120mph (and if you exceed 120mph, let me know asap! the Mets could use another starter.) It measures the speed once the ball has gone 45-65 feet in the air. Batteries are included- just be sure not to hit it with a bat!

In related gadgets- there’s also the Sports Sensors Glove Radar which attaches to your baseball glove and measure the speed of balls you catch by using microwave doppler radar. So this can be used not only for pitchers but for all position players to see how fast their throws are. Both of these devices are great training aids for baseball coaches and parents.

20 Unusual Yellow Submarine Items: Beatles

Here are 20 of the most unique and unusual Beatles “Yellow Submarine” items ever made. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the 1968 animated feature film from a unknown band from England called The Beatles. All together now: “we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine….”
It’s the Beatles Yellow Submarine Silicone Ice Cube Tray. Just add a little yellow food coloring to your water and you’d actually be making yellow submarine ice cubes. Hot stuff..err cold I mean!

Epson CX4600: Discarded Tech- A Sociological Study on Technology via the Refuse of a Community

This is the first in an ongoing series about technology disposal. The alternate title of this series is “Photos of Electronic Items Discarded on the Street”. Today’s episode is the Epson Stylus CX4600 on top of what looks to be a child’s workbench. This printer appears to have been used by a child as would be indicated by the Batman and other stickers on top. There is no “it works” sign on this printer, but based upon it’s disposal location, by fence to this building and not by the curb, it is assumed that it is in fine working order. Or at least it was until it was left out in 3 straight days of rain. But would you really want it?

The Epson Stylus CX4600 is a photo printer, copier, and scanner first released in 2004 that has an amazing number of 1 star bad reviews on Amazon. Out of 101 reviews it got 9 five-star, 6 four-star, 5 three-star, 17 two-star, and 64 one-star reviews. I suspect if there was an option for zero star reviews, we would see a lot of those (as this review points out in a 1 star review “NO STARS – this printer SUUUX!!!!!!!!”. And remember, a lot of those reviews were written shortly after the customers received the printer, so there was little time for it to fail. Which it apparently did in many cases, “dud”, “piece of junk”, “blank pages”, “worst thing I ever unboxed”, “Clogs all the time and uses up ink like crazy”, etc. So it’s no surprise to see this printer out on curb alert. It does appear to have been well used by this family before it was put to it’s near-final resting place on the street. Final analysis: it was time to go.

10 Very Strange Michael Jackson Items

Michael Jackson passed away today. The King of Pop was a music legend with a long list of enduring hits. That said, there’s no denying that MJ had some very bizarre things going on his life, so it’s only fitting that we pay tribute with a list of 10 weirdest Michael Jackson items we could find:
The King of Pop has gone purple. It’s the Michael Jackson California Raisin. Michael Jackson as a singing gloved raisin? It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, but what about if you’re purple?

Contractor Space Pen is the Norm Abrams of Pens

The Fisher Contractor Space Pen is a fully featured pen. We’ve covered other pens before that had multiple functions like the Maze Pen, but that was more for play- this pen is all business. Made by Fisher Space Pens (and you really have to wonder if they had a surge in sales following that Seinfeld episode) the pen can write upside down, in freezing cold and hot temperatures, underwater, on wood, aluminum and allegedly even on galvanized steel. Just like the astronauts use!

But wait, that’s not all folks. All that writing prowess is one thing but this pen can do so much more. The Contractor Pen is a fully featured multi-use contractor tool: it’s a ruler, it’s a level with plumb bubbles, it has drywall and angle gauges, and a magnetic strip. It’s like having a mini-Norm Abrams in your pocket!

Ctrl Alt Delete Pendant is UberNerdy

Geeky iPod and TV Street Art Graffiti

Street art and the geek world intersect right here in New York City! This pair of paste-up art pieces (which some might call a form of graffiti) actually speaks some interesting social truths about the way we interact with technology. The iPod piece is saying that when you put those little white earbuds on, you enter into your own world in which you can ignore everything and everyone (for better or for worse). The TV piece speaks to parenting skills and who’s really the babysitter and teacher in the household. Cool artwork, I can’t quite make out the artist signature, if anyone knows drop a comment.

Fire Extinguisher Lighter Won’t Put Out Any Fires

Most fire extinguishers put out fires (or “extinguish” them, as the name would imply). This fire extinguisher cigarette lighter actually starts fires. If used improperly, it could cause you to have to go get a real fire extinguisher to put out what you’ve started. This refillable lighter uses butane gas. It would have been a ton cooler if the flame actually came out of the hose instead of the top, but it’s still pretty neat nonetheless. An ironic novelty.

Master Yoda Snow Globe

The Force is strong inside this Master Yoda Jedi Snow Globe. Yoda is making it snow even though it is summertime hot outside. I like how the manufacturer gives Yoda his proper dues by calling this the “Master Yoda Jedi” snow globe. It’s respect for our elders. And partially fear that Yoda’s going to whip out his lightsaber and jump and flip all around and cut you up to bits for dissing him. He is a Jedi after all.

The Dark Side is Pricey: $18,000 Bronze Darth Vader Statue

Wow! The Star Wars Shop is now selling a limited edition bronze statue of Darth Vader. The Dark Lord weighs in at over 150 lbs and is 4 feet tall. There are just 30 numbered statues in production and for that you will pay-dearly- $18,000 in fact. Lord Vader is modeled after his appearance in Empire Strikes Back and is hand crafted by Lawrence Noble in a studio nearby Lucasfilm’s Presidio campus.

Stormtrooper Mini Snow Globes

The Stormtrooper Snow Globe is so cute. I’m not sure if Star Wars ever officially released snowglobes (and surely you can’t expect me to Google something for research here?!?!) but they would probably not be as awesome as these miniature snow globes. They are tempting me over to the Dark Side. These one ounce jars have a Lego version of the Storm Trooper embedded inside. The white lid goes nicely with the Imperial Stormtrooper uniform too.
Available for $13 at Etsy

Incredible Star Wars Dollar Bill Origami Spaceships

Check out these incredible dollar bill origami creations from Won Park. He packs an amazing amount of spaceship detail into such small works of art. Most are made from just a single dollar bill. The Millenium Falcon is made from 3 bucks. Here’s a two dollar X-Wing fighter.
After the jump- more Star Wars dollar bill creations and a single dollar Starship Enterprise from Star Trek:

Tie Fighter Made from Starbucks Trash

What do you get when you combine 216 Starbucks stirrers, 63 drink holders, 37 grande cups, 12 sample cups, 10 96-oz coffee boxes and 1 tall lid? If you’re crafty and have a bit of glue you’ll make an awesome Star Wars tie-fighter. Dan Winters of Wired created this as part of their “make stuff from Starbucks junk” contest. Well done, Dan, well done.

Death Star Pumpkin is the Ultimate Halloween Pumpkin

We all should just pack up our carving knives and go home now… is anything really going to beat a Death Star carved pumpkin? The ideal jack-o-lantern for your Star Wars Halloween party or for your MIT dorm room. Some people see a round gourd and say “I’m going to carve a scary face”, while others are just pure geek genius with a vision. A vision of awesomeness.

Lego Boba Fett Costume is a Triumph in Brickgineering

It would be one thing to make a Boba Fett Halloween costume from standard materials like cloth or cardboard or whatever or to buy one from your local costume shop. But it’s an entirely different (and better) thing to make a costume of the legendary bounty hunter out of Legos. Yes, a wearable Star Wars costume out of Legos- helmet, backpack and all. Seriously, let’s just crown the guy who made this the king of all geeks and move along because there is no geekier Halloween costume. It’s his world today, we’re all just living in it.

R2D2 Lego Fig USB Flash Drive

This is a sort of homemade hack of an R2D2 Lego figurine, converted into a 4 GB USB flash drive. The seller says it’s just a prototype and it does look a bit rough around the edges but it’s still pretty neat. Although for $49.95, I’m not so sure about it.

Darth Vader Corset Tempts Me to go to the Dark Side

The Dark Side has never looked so sexy! It’s a Darth Vader corset. Besides the fantastic Star Wars Lord Vader mask print which looks to be from Revenge of the Sith, it has an alternating flames print fabric and it topped with a pair of polka dot ribbon bows (to show the softer side of the Force). A Star Wars corset with flames…wow.
The back has silver metal grommets so it can be laced up tight. The seller describes it as “FULLY boned for support.” Not fully boned yet, if you know what I mean! Zing! Tutu skirt not included.

R2D2 Tissue Holder is an Insult to a True Hero of the Universe

What an indignity! Our poor R2D2 has been converted into a tissue holder. Artoo, the heroic astromech droid, the one who continually saves people from the hand of death and the world from evil. Where would Luke be without R2? Nowhere. Who’s the one who fixed the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive allowing our hero to escape from the evil Empire? R2D2 that’s who. And now he’s been made into a tissue holder of all things? Oh the humanity!!

Darth Vader Pen Holder

This makes up for the indignity of the R2D2 tissue holder. Turning the evil Lord Vader into a wimpy desktop appliance serving a purpose no better than an empty coffee cup. That’s how we do it in the Rebel Alliance. The pen holder includes Vader sound effect, so you can hear Darth Vader’s breath when you take a pencil out. Don’t worry, he’s harmless now that he’s under Rebel control. You pens however, might have a slight stench of evil on them. My how the mighty have fallen.

Han Solo in Carbonite USB Flash Drive

There’s nothing cute or funny about being frozen for eternity in carbonite….unless you’re a USB flash drive. Then you’re totally adorable. Especially since we all know that Han Solo eventually escapes from the carbonite (woops hope I didn’t ruin the movie for ya! spoiler alert!). But not with this USB flash drive; the only thing escaping will be your data. Maybe that’s a bad analogy for a flash drive; your data will be frozen tight like an action hero locked in carbonite. Better. Holds 1GB of data.

Darth Vader Santa Bobblehead

I sense something. A presence I’ve not felt since…last Christmas. If there’s one person who you wouldn’t really expect to get into the holiday spirit, it would be Darth Vader. But when you make someone into a bobblehead, standard thinking goes out the window in the name of cuteness. This limited edition (of 2000) Star Wars bobblehead will bring holiday cheer to all the little boys and girls of the Empire. Darth Claus will bobble his way into your heart.

Star Wars 3D Pop Up Book

Pop-up books are awesome. Star Wars is awesome. Those are unarguable facts. So what happens when you combine two awesome things? You get Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Or Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy.
Much like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, the combo of pop-up and Star Wars is irresistible. Designed by paper engineer Matthew Reinhart, there are 37 pop-ups from all three movies in the original Star Wars trilogy contained within the 3D Star Wars: A Pop-UP Guide to the Galaxy book of awesomness. Take a look at this “making of” video with Reinhart with some peeks inside the book:
This is a must-have book for all Star Wars fans both hardcore and casual. It would also make a great stocking stuffer or Christmas/holiday/birthday gift. Awesome.

Coolest Sled Ever: Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sled

Hands down this is the coolest sled ever made: the Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sled. When you come down the hill in the Falcon, all eyes will be on you. This makes all those little round red plastic piece of junk sleds look like little round red plastic pieces of junk. Bask in the coolness of having the most awesome sled on the block. It’s a one person sled, so you’ll have to ride it (Han) Solo, no Wookie copilot. It has hand levers to control the speed and direction plus it has the ability to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Star Wars Golf Head Covers: May the Fore! be with You

Swing or swing not, there is no try. The Star Wars Golf Head Coversare available in three adorably fuzzy versions: Yoda, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. Embrace the Dark Side with the Lord Vader head cover or get some advice from the wise Yoda on which club is best (Luke, use the four iron). Just a word of advice if you’re using the Chewy ones: let the Wookie win. All three will fit woods up to 460cc in size and would make a fantastic gift for the Star Wars golf lover.

Darth Vader Christmas Stocking with Sound

Is there anything scarier than hearing the menacing heavy breathing sounds of Darth Vader coming out of your Christmas stocking, that you hung with care, while visions of the Sith Lord dance through the air? Star Wars Darth Vader Molded Plastic Head Christmas Stocking with Sound let’s you know right away whether you’ve been naughty or nice (most likely naughty!). Stocking measures 21 inches of awesome.

Light Saber Umbrellas Help You Battle the Force of Nature

When you’re out battling mother nature, you’re going to need a little help. Sure you could use a standard plain black umbrella with a metal pole but is that really going to keep up your geek cred? Powered by an LED light in the pole, these $40 umbrellas will keep you dry and keep the Force strong. Or at the very least provide you with some solid reading light when you’re out in the dark in the rain.

The Force is Not that Strong in these Star Wars Misters

Get it? The Forces is not that strong? Because they’re misters… the force of the water is less than say a hose. Arrgh. Anyway, while I will say that these are the coolest misters ever created, I will, like ohgizmo does, question the wisdom of creating such a banal product that bears the hallowed Star Wars name and imagery. You’ve taken the greatest movie villain of all time and turned him into a water mister with a fan. Also available in Yoda and Boba Fett. The Yoda one looks creepy for some reason.

Awesome Star Wars Ships Clock

Check out this awesome Star Wars clock featuring a starship or fighter on every hour. This $89 handmade clock, features pewter colored vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships. The following ships are on the clock (clockwise from 12 o’clock) Star Destroyer, TIE Interceptor, Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, Jabba’s Barge, Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car, Y-Wing Fighter, Super Star Destroyer, Rebel Blockade Runner, TIE Bomber, X-Wing Fighter, Rebel Snowspeeder, A-Wing Starfighter