Urban McHughly….uhmmm WTF?

WTF? Urban McHughly is an iPhone case shaped like… well I’m not really sure what the hell he’s supposed to be exactly. An alien? His eyes are LED Swarovski crystals and one of his hands is a soft cloth you can use to wipe your screen off with. Mr. McHughly doesn’t appear to have a right hand. He also looks like he has an antenna coming out of his head which is strange because the iPhone doesn’t have an antenna. Strange stuff. No pricing or release date available just yet.

Mobile Visor to Avoid Peepers with Really Good Vision

You need pretty good vision to see what your neighbor is doing on their Blackberry so I’m not sure I totally get the Mobile Visor. Go go gadget extended eyeball! I guess it could be useful on a train or airplane or other tight quarters but couldn’t you just use your hand or position your mobile device in such a way as to avoid peeping eyes?

The Mobile Visor takes it’s cues from the larger monitor visors you will in offices to stop passerbys from looking at the porn important company secrets on your screen. Supposedly it also blocks the glare from the sun, which you can do with your hand, for free. Or you know, rotate your body away from the sun. It folds up to fit in your wallet for easy transport. Cost is $8.95.

Razor Phone Can Really Shave You (and Make Calls)

Maybe you’ve heard of a semi-popular phone called the RAZR? This is not that phone. The Cool 758 is a razor phone. Yes it’s a regular cellphone you can make calls on but open up the hatch on the bottom and:

It’s a real electric shaver! The $112 phone has all your standard cellphone features: 2.6″ screen, 0.3MP camera, MP3 capabilities, Bluetooth, dual SIM cards, FM radio, etc etc etc. Plus you can shave your face with it. I can’t see anyone using this as their primary shaving tool but maybe for a late afternoon touch-up on the five o’clock shadow or to get that embarrassing spot you missed shaving but don’t notice until 4 hours later. Neat idea.

Tag Heuer Meridiist Luxury Phone Gets Even Fancier with Diamonds

Shine on you crazy diamond phone. Last year Tag Heuer previewed their Meridiist luxury phone line, designed to compete with other high end cell phones like the Vertu. Yesterday Tag Heuer announced the launch of a website for the Meridiist and we’ve got a sweet photo of the diamond encrusted version of the phone to go with this story. These phones typically sell for about $4-6000 but these diamond versions start at over $11,000.

The phone itself is a sleek model made of stainless steel with a OLED screen behind scratchproof sapphire crystal glass and your choice of several different leather styles and colors on the back (alligator, calf, etc). It has 28 days of standby and 7 hours of talk time. The phone has a camera with a mechanical sliding lens cover (a feature all phones should have since those lenses get scratched and dirty so easily) and a neat clock feature on the top. You can order one via the Tag Heuer website I listed above. I’m saving up for one!

Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad

Samsung has come up with an innovative solution to allow your cellphone’s keypad to have dual functions. The Alias 2 model is a dual-hinge folding phone. When it’s opened horizontally landscape style for surfing the web and text messaging, the keypad displays a qwerty style keyboard. But when it’s opened up like a traditional flip phone portrait style for talking, the dynamic e-ink keypad changes to reveal numbers for dialing instead:

It looks like a solid alternative to a touchscreen phone for those who prefer the feel of physical buttons on their phone instead of the touchscreen. The Alias 2 will be available on the Verizon network and comes with a 2 MP camera, bluetooth, a microSD card slot.

Mr.P Mobile Eator – Phone Stand

Mr. P has done it again. The little helpful naked man who makes his living conforming his body into various desk accessories for you is now a wide-mouthed cellphone holder. Lucky for us, this time Mr. P is face down or you’d quickly realize where the P in his name comes from. A little exposed plastic man buttocks never offended anyone! Despite the eater name, Mr. P will just hold your phone in his mouth and won’t actually eat it. Phew!

$108,880 iPhone Case is Totally Worth It

I just got off the phone with some guy about my car’s warranty about to expire and now I’m convinced that everything I own should be protected to the fullest extent possible. That’s why I fully intend to buy a $108,880 “Golden Delicious” iPhone case from Germany’s GnG. It’s totally worth it because it has 140 grams of 18 carat gold filled with 200 diamonds and it also has a 400 diamond logo (which can be customized- mine’s going to say “worth every penny”). The shell is super thin at just 1mm and has a special high-tech carbon fiber inlay for stability and security. All this to protect a $200 iPhone? Totally worth it.

iPhone Gameboy Skin

Everything old is better! Today’s things suck. Except for the iPhone. I can’t live without the iPhone. Also walking to school is better these days since kids only have to walk uphill one way instead of both ways like when I was a kid. Also they can use their iPhones while walking to school. Everyone knows that the Gameboy was the original OG portable gaming device (Little Professor excluded). Now you can use this fancy shmancy iPhone skin (or as we called it back in my day- a sticker), to make your iPhone look like a Gameboy. Very retro indeed. Now let’s bring back those white Don Johnson suits with the rolled up sleeves and boat shoes. Costs $15 or so.

Rotary Phone iPhone Case is Retro Coolness

Turn your iPhone into an old school rotary phone! Well not really, but with this felt case for your precious 3G phone you can at least make it look a bit like the rotary dial phone. Admittedly the case does look a bit rough and school-projecty, but conceptually and visually it is undeniably cute. And it will serve to protect your iPhone from scrapes and scratches which is the whole point of a case anyway, right? It even has a pocket in the back for headphones. So in review, it looks good and does it’s job. Just like you.

Cellphone Evolution Russian Nesting Dolls

Cellphones are getting smaller and smaller with each new generation of phones. While we haven’t quite reached Ben Stiller in Zoolander miniature sized phones just yet, the newest mobile phones today are significantly tinier than the giant Miami Vice style phones of just a few years ago. So it’s only natural that someone would design a set of Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls) each in the shape of a popular phone style of the past- from the giant bricks of the 80’s all the way to the iPhone of today.

These were made by designer Kyle Bean and are just a design idea- although kids today love technology so much even at early ages, I could actually see this type of thing being produced and sold at a children’s art museum or someplace like that.

R2D2 Felt iPhone 3G Case

I doubt there’s anyone out there better prepared to protect your new iPhone from harm like R2D2. The little droid somehow managed to sneak his way into all the Star Wars films (relatively) unharmed, while saving people left and right with his intelligence and some might say luck. This handmade iPhone case is handstitched out of a ton of little pieces of soft felt. Perfect to protect you from the Dark Side and scratches and maybe bring you a bit of luck, just like our pal Artoo. Clearly a lot of detail and effort went into this piece and it’s priced appropriately at $53. I’d say it’s Star Warsome. Star Wawsome? Just plain awesome.

Winnie the Pooh Cell Phone

Pooh is a dual sim card capable bear phone with a 2 inch display screen. Winnie can play MP3 and MP4’s, has 1.3MP camera for taking pictures of favorite honey spots, FM radio to listen out for any Tigger spottings, GPRS, double (tiny) speakers, and bluetooth so he can synch up with Christopher Robin’s computer (obviously Winnie the Pooh doesn’t own his own computer- obviously). I highly highly doubt that this is an official Disney licensed phone. Did you know…you can see the original stuffed teddy bear that inspired Pooh Bear? It’s on display in New York City’s public library (main branch on 42nd).

Q-Pot Melting Chocolate Phone from NTT Docomo

The Q-Pot phone from Japan’s NTT Docomo looks like a melting bar of chocolate. You can even get straps that look like complimentary dessert sweets too. The phone has a 3.0 inch screen and takes 4mp pictures- sweet! Available in “melty bitter” and “melty strawberry”.

The phone is manufactured by Sharp and will be limited to just 13,000 production units.

Yeehaw- It’s a Rocking Horse Cell Phone Holder made from Dead Cows

Horses are one of nature’s most powerful and helpful animals. Where would we be without our domesticated riding companions and racing equines upon which we can bet our life savings away on and be forced to live on government subsidized payments eating only cat food so we have enough money to go back to the track in our derby hat and plaid leisure suit and pick the one we’re sure is going to come in on the trifecta in the 6th race this time we just know it trust us we heard an inside tip? Also Seabiscuit, we love Seabiscuit.

Well Taiwan’s 25 to go has brought the love of horses with the love of cell phones into one leather rocking horse gadget holder. Yes it’s made of leather which as you know comes from dead cows (primarily). It takes a dead cow to make a phone holding horse. So this just proves the superiority of the horse in the horse vs. cow debate we’ve been having all these years. And yes that rocking motion will make your cell phone sleepy. Very sleep.

Cigarette Lighter Phone is the iPhone Killer

This phone is a true killer- it’s the world’s first mobile phone with an integrated cigarette lighter. Details are a bit sketchy (as is the website it’s featured on-Engadget says it’s malware-laced so I won’t link to it here) but apparently just like those car cigarette lighters of ‘yore, this uses the cell phone’s battery to light up your smokes. When did they stop putting cigarette lighters in cars anyway? The lighter phone just makes the whole holding a cell phone in the air before the encores of concerts just a bit more logical (not much though).

British Red Telephone Booth Shaped Cell Phone

Cheerio! I love those classic red styled telephone booths from the UK (or as they call them over there “telephone boxes”). Apparently they are getting to be as rare as telephone booths are here in the US (which mostly serve as advertising billboards and urinals these days anyway). But if you’re living across the pond (or as they say over there “not across the pond”), you can pick up your own red telephone booth with this “London Calling” cellphone shaped just like one.

For a novelty mobile phone it has some decent specs with a TFT screen, SMS and MMS messaging, polyphonic ringtones and GPRS connectivity. Plus it has 15 iconic images of the country and the pre-loaded ringtones like Rule Britannia and God Save The Queen. I like it. Neato.

Is that a Microscope on Your Cellphone or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Oh those crazy Berkeley kids. Scientists at the university have created a microscope for cellphones that takes your nice pocket sized mobile device and turns it into something the size of, oh I don’t know- a microscope! This 60x microscope has now been upgraded with fluorescent microscopy so it can see a parasite, bacteria, or cell–tagged with a specific fluorescent wavelength emitted by a special dye. So yeah, your phone can now pick up a virus, literally.

They say this can be built easily with off the shelf parts at a minimal cost compared to a normal microscope and that it’s considerably smaller than similarly powerful real microscopes. The prototype is ideal for third world countries without access to electricity or hospitals.

Although to me it still looks like the size of a regular microscope. Also it might be slightly counterproductive to use something to look for harmful viruses and bacteria with and then put the other end of it up to your nose and mouth to make a phone call. I would think you would want to keep your lab instruments and your personal gadgets separate and sterile but as you might have guessed, I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV (or the internet).

Mixtape iPhone Case is Retro Cool

Agent 18 is introducing a limited edition iPhone case in the form of a mixtape. Remember mixtapes? Your iPhone (or iPod Touch) is pretty much like a mixtape anyway. These cases are hard plastic, backside only. There’s no telling exactly how limited these (pre-order) $30 cases are but once they’re gone, they’re gone. Just like real mixtapes.

Bluetooth Headset Converts to a Ring

This might be one of the coolest things ever- it’s a bluetooth headset that folds up into a ring to wear around your finger when not in use. A simple twist and it converts. It’s called the Orb and it’s scheduled to launch in January. Yep, it might look like a concept but this tiny bluetooth headset is really being made.

If you’re a frequent wireless earpiece user with your cellphone you usually only have a few choices about where to put your headset when it’s not in use. You can leave it on your ear, which just looks weird and a bit pretentious- like you’re talking on the phone all the time or are expecting important calls constantly. You could put it aside on a table or someplace but then you have to scramble to go find it when you want to use it. Or you could put it in your pocket, which is a bit of an awkward proposition at times and do you really need one more thing in your pockets?

Frosted Pop Tart iPhone Sleeve

Mmmm… toaster pastries. A tasty way to secure your iPhone for $20. Just make sure the kids don’t get their hands on this, I’m not sure if toasting your iPhone is covered by Applecare.

Blue Tooth Bluetooth Holder

It’s a blue tooth bluetooth earpiece holder made of felt. Too smart and cute for it’s own good? Probably. So maybe your bluetooth headset doesn’t really need a protective holder. Well then you could use it to hold children’s teeth when they lose them. Or your dentures when you go to sleep at night.

DIY Dinosaur iPhone Dock Roaaar

The iPhone is the 500 ton dinosaur of the cell phone world. It rules the land with no natural PREdators (got that Palm Pre, see how I did that?). Nothing can (HTC) Touch it. Here’s a clever little DIY Brachiosaurus iPhone dock. All it takes to make one is an exacto (or other type of) knife and a rubber dinosaur. In fact you could use any type of rubber toy. But it wouldn’t be as cool a dinosaur. Personally I would have used a more appropriate song/album for the photos- maybe “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was)… all together now “open the door, get on floor, everybody walk the dinosaur”.

Waterproof Bag for the iPhone

How cool would it be to have a waterproof bag so you could take your iPhone to the beach or pool and not have to worry about water damage? While it seems like an awesome idea, I simply would not trust a bag to keep my precious iPhone 3GS safe from harm. I’m sure it works just fine but I wouldn’t want MY gadget in there. You go ahead. The case has a clear window in the back so you can use the camera or videocamera features of your phone and supposedly it still allows you use the touchscreen (it better! otherwise the phone’s pretty useless). It costs about $34 and is available in Japan, so I guess we don’t have to worry about how effective it is just yet.

iPhone Playing Cards

I really like the design of these new iPhone playing cards from Meninos. I’d accept the King’s call, any day… unless I was stacked full of Aces. I would think that the slightly rounded design would be real comfy to play with. Annie Duke, I officially challenge you to a round of poker with iPhone cards. I don’t know why I just did that either, but the challenge is out there AD, your move.

It’s pretty unusual to see a design on the FRONT of playing cards. Super cool. Sure $25 is a LOT to pay for a deck of cards, but that’s just the “Apple tax”, right?

Geeky Graffiti by Espo

Graffiti artist Espo (Steven Powers) is embarking on a project in Philadelphia called “Love Letter” in which he does sort of romantic themed murals on the rooftops facing the Market elevated train line. There will be 50 painted walls as well as other more interactive elements to be completed by next week. I found this geeky cell phone graffiti to encompass the true meaning of love- I got the rollover minutes baby, give me a call. I’m saving all my pre-paid minutes for you. No need to wait until nights and weekends or even mobile to mobile- my minutes are all yours. Ahhh true love in the age of cell phones.

More info on the project at Gradient

PS Espo if you’re reading this, you have (had? I think the building was taken down) one my favorite pieces in NYC- on the rooftop on the south side of 14th Street in the Meatpacking.

Old Giant Cell Phone Modded into a Working PC

Great mod! A crafty fella took a ridiculously old giant Miami Vice Zach Morris style phone and crammed a tiny working PC into there to use as a media center. It only makes sense that at some point the decreasing size of today’s computers caught up with the size of the giant cases size of those original cell phones.

Inside this Mobira Talkman cell phone (nope, never heard of it either) is a full computer complete with USB hub, WiFi and sound cards and a 128×128 OLED screen where the handset screen originally was. It’s one of those vintage mobile phones that require two separate parts to function, the giant handset and the handbag sized case. Cool mod that only took 40 hours to complete.

Shoe Cell Phone Holder

Actual product alert! It’s a high heeled shoe cell phone holder. The Perfect Solutions Jeweled Shoe Cell Phone Holder is a hollowed out shoe that holds your phone. It even has a cut away hole for your cords. Probably the most technologically advanced cell phone holder we’ve ever covered here at Craziest Gadgets.

Golden Buddha Cellphone

The Golden Buddha Cellphone is made of genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and has a 24k gold plated finish which probably explains it’s $1750 cost. Wow! The product description says it’s ideal for the successful business woman that wants to announce her elite status to the world.” I don’t see anything particularly feminine about this phone (well ok, maybe those soft gold curves). It seems equally audacious and gaudy for both men and women, in my opinion.

It does come with a “virtual prayer hall”, enabling you to make offerings to various Buddha Illuminati with one of 8 prayers and 5 virtual offerings. I don’t know much about the logistics of making a virtual offering but I do know that this clamshell phone also has a camera, video, supports bluetooth and works on GSM at the two frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz (sorry, you’re outta luck North America!!!).

Motorcycle with Sidecar Cell Phone Holder

Motorcycle with Sidecar Cell Phone Holder
Here’s another desk accessory from the cleverly named Stationary Troops line- it’s a motorcycle with a sidecar cell phone holder. Whenever I see a motorcycle sidecar it reminds me of that Indiana Jones movie- is that the most famous sidecar? Probably. Anyway, this mobile phone holder is $19 from Brando and is military themed with a cute little faceless man driving the bike. You could also use it to hold paperclips, rubberbands, or other small office doodads. Maybe even some candy. Mmm candy. It always comes back to candy, right? Very nice.

Case-Mate ID Holder iPhone Cases

Whether you’re going out to the club or just out for jog, sometimes you need to take your iPhone with you and a few other things but you don’t want to carry a giant bag or your wallet. That’s where these ingenious iPhone ID Credit Card cases from Case-Mate come in. They simply added a small pocket onto the back of a regular iPhone protective case that allows you to slip in your ID, credit card, or some cash. It can hold 2 credit card sized items without adding any significant bulk to phone. Costs $29.95 and comes in a rainbow of color choices. Good idea.

New Christian Dior Luxury Cell Phone Line

I don’t know about you but when I think of cell phones, I think of Christian Dior. Or at least I do now. And by now I mean for the next 60 seconds, then I’ll go back to thinking about iPhones and Nokia and Motorola. The Dior phone actually looks pretty stunning, as far as phones go. The new line comes out in December. It’s gold plated with encrusted sapphire crystals. This luxury cell phone starts at $6500. You can even order special diamond encrusted models for a mere $7,900-$13,400 each. I’m already in line waiting for one right now.

Bananaphone! A Bluetooth Headset Shaped Like a Banana

Nothing says class and sophistication like talking into a fake plastic banana. Nothing. Be the envy of your coworkers with this very mature and inconspicuous to use bluetooth headset shaped like a banana. Remember, when you’re talking into a banana everyone will think you’re crazy. And, little known fact, crazy people can get free entry into pretty much anyplace they want- museums, ball games, etc. Just walk in. Nobody wants to deal with crazy people talking into bananas. Fact. Banana fact.

Touch Tone Phone iPhone Case

I love the retro gadget look movement; taking old gadgets and using them in new ways or disguising your new gadgets in vintage electronics. That’s what we have here with this handsome iPhone case in the design of an old school touch-tone phone (or as we used to call them when they were still relatively new- push button phones). This hand stitched felt case hides a velcro enclosure behind the two buttons from the “headset”. There’s a hole for your iPhone’s headphone wire and even small pocket in the back for the earphones to be stored in. Available on Etsy for $52. At that price I suspect it will be available for a loooong time. Cool retro design though.

Big Button Cell Phone

Designed for old people and those who have difficulty seeing this giant button cell phone is absolutely dominated by it’s large buttons. It reminds me of a calculator almost- the proportion of screen to button is completely reversed from the typical phone of today. Even Homer Simpson, in that episode where he gains all that weight to go on disability and then wears a moo-moo and his fingers are too fat to dial the phone so he has to mash all the buttons at once (King Size Homer episode from The Simpsons 7th Season), could use this phone. That’s BY FAR the best season of The Simpsons by the way since you asked.

This unbranded generic phone also has a few interesting features like the SOS button on the back. The button can call any preset number to get you the help you need, so you can set it to your favorite help source whether it’s the police, fire department, Geek Squad, your Mom, or Oprah. If Homer had that button he could have saved Springfield from nuclear disaster (spoiler alert: which he did anyway). If you happen to reside anyplace outside the US or Canada and use the GSM 900/1800 bands, you can use this big button phone. Otherwise, tough luck.

Python Skin iPhone is Killer

Got an extra $3900 to spare for a pink colored python skin for your iPhone adorned with 124 Swarovski crystals? Put this one on my holiday shopping list please! Seriously, is there anything that looks good in Swarovski crystals? They’ve somehow managed to make a pink snakeskin covered iPhone look worse. I think they’ve diluted the brand to extreme gaudiness beyond saving. Remember the golden rule kids, if it’s covered in Swarovski, let it be.

Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset Lets You Talk Stealth Style

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or just looking to talk on your iPhone in a stealthy manner, Black Ops Throat Mic has got you covered. Besides the Jack Bauer-esque name, this mic really does let you talk quietly and be heard clearly in loud areas.

The throat mic goes around your neck and picks up sound directly from your vocal cords which means only your voice is heard by the other person, no matter how noisy it is around you. The in-ear headset let you hear the other person discretely as well. Perfect for windy or loud situations (or both like riding a motorcycle). Includes an iPhone answer button on the cord. Costs $119.99, crazy goggle thing pictured not included.

Albert the Robot Hanger

Albert Hanger is the coolest hanger ever. Albert is a robot, but unlike other robots bent on destroying the earth with their whole Skynet thing, all Albert wants to do is just hang out.

But the thing is, Albert doesn’t want to hang with you- that’s what makes him so cool. He just wants to chill on the wall with your stuff, taking it all in, maxing and relaxing. I guess you could say he’s like the Fonz of hangers. If he wasn’t screwed into the wall tightly by his eye sockets, Albert would have one leg up and be drinking a robot beer. That’s just how cool he is.

Sofa Converts to Bunk Beds

Sure we’ve all seen convertible sofas that transform into a double bed and even easy chairs that convert to single beds but have you ever seen a couch that can become bunk beds? Now you have with the space saving Doc couch from Resource Furniture. The cover is fully removable for easy cleaning and there is an integrated ladder.

Sports Ball Shaped LCD Monitors with Real Leather

These monitors are for the sports fanatic or leather enthusiast. Or better yet, for your kids. The 19 inch LCD XM Ball series monitors from Hannspree was just announced and they come in several sports ball shapes- soccer, basketball, and baseball (what, no football?) and are covered in leather. For some odd reason the baseball is black. Because of that (and the whole leather thing), I can’t take these monitors seriously.

If you are looking for a serious monitor, according to testfreaks.com the best rated monitor is the Samsung SyncMaster XL20. And you might want to avoid the Samsung SyncMaster 172 X, which testfreaks.com rates the worst.

ABC3D Crazy Alphabet Pop Up Book

Watch the video above for one of the absolute coolest children’s book. It’s a pop-up book by Marion Bataille where each page is a letter of the alphabet (in some cases 2 letters). The letters pop up in very unique manners making this one of the hippest and coolest children’s books I’ve ever seen. Not that I’m reading kid’s books all the time. ABC3D will be released on October 14th, so set your calendars- or you can pre-order it now at Amazon:

SuperSoaker Filled Coffee Table

Here’s a whimsical addition to your living room- the SuperSoaker Coffee Table. This table, actually called the Candy Table from Jellio is made of 1/4 clear acrylic and filled with your favorite toy from your youth. That is, assuming you were born late enough to have had supersoakers when you were a kid. Otherwise it’s just the favorite toy from your younger cousin’s youth. Either way, they come in a variety of dayglo colors and would make a witty and fun addition to your home’s decor.

Stroller with Skateboard Attached

Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you have to give up the skater lifestyle. You just have to modify it a bit. Here’s an awesome DIY project for the skater mom (or dad) in your life. It’s a standard stroller with a skateboard attached in the rear for the parent to ride on.

No more tired legs from walking your kid in the stroller all about town, now you can wheel about with great speed and less effort. Although it appears that braking is a bit sketchy, maybe it needs a handbrake or something similar. The front wheels of the skateboard have been removed and it looks like it’s attached to the stroller via modified skateboard trucks (the metal part that holds the wheels of the skateboard on). Here’s a video of the “Baby Momma Board” in action.

Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

Kid’s today have it so easy! Back in my day if you wanted to play spin the bottle, first you’d have drink all the nasty backwash out of the bottom of the bottle and then you’d have actually spin the bottle yourself. When the bottle stopped spinning, you’d have to come up with your own truth or dare question using your imagination. Now like everything else, spin the bottle is done electronically.

Electronic Spin the Bottle lights up and makes “cool” sound effects when you spin it. When it stops, the bottle cap puts out a beam of light so you know exactly who it’s pointing at. Then it give you one of 130 commands to do in one of 3 categories (truth/dare/kiss or forfeit). This game is recommended for ages 9-99. Seriously age 9? Kid’s are starting earlier these days. And don’t even get me started on recommending this for anyone over 18… you’re too old for spin the bottle you creep.

Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire System

Wild Planet Spy Gear® Lazer Tripwire is one of the coolest spy gadget toys out there. The Lazer Tripwire lets you use the three lazer units to set up an invisible perimeter around the area you want to protect. The included water mister is used to make sure the LED beams are lined up properly- without actually setting off the alarm. The system is expandable- you can add more units.

We never had anything like this when I was a kid. I used a piece of yarn and some scotch tape to keep my little brother out of my room. Of course I never knew if he actually entered or if the tape just came off. Well, now your kids can know for sure if their little brothers or sisters have tried to infiltrate their private space. And they can have fun doing it- spy style.

Home ATM Really Dispenses the Cash

This ATM is really just a super advanced piggy bank. You deposit money and it keeps track of how much you’ve put in. Then you can use a special ATM card with a pin number to make withdrawals. The best part- no pesky service fees and no lines. This would be a great teaching tool for kids to deposit their allowance into. It appears to be sold for the British market, so sorry American dollar users- your money’s no good here (and practically worthless due to failed economic policies anyway! but I’ll save that rant for my imaginary finance blog).