Tase Me Bro- CBS Reporter Zapped with a Ray Gun

Tase me bro! Here’s a video of CBS reporter David Martin getting zapped by a ray gun. The gun is a non-lethal weapon that could be used for crowd dispersion. The ray gun can shoot up to 500 yards away, much further than existing non-lethal weapons. It shoots out 130 degree (F) heat at it’s victim or what feels like “scalding water” according to Mr. Martin. The system uses millimeter waves, which can penetrate only 1/64th of an inch of skin, just enough to cause discomfort. The waves can’t go through walls or glass but they can penetrate clothing. It is expected to go into production for the military in 2010.

What Do Clone Troopers Do on their Days Off?

Clone Troopers are just like you and me, after a long day at work fighting separatist forces they just want to sit back on the couch, slip into a pair of jeans and sneakers, relax, have a beer, play some Playstation, maybe read the newspaper. Apparently the Daily Mirror is the paper of choice for your average Clone Trooper.

Peek-A-Bye Credit Card Protector Sleeve

The Peek-a-Bye credit card protector sleeve guards your card number from prying eyes. The plastic sleeve does not cover the magnetic strip and is slim enough to still allow your credit card to work in standard card readers. There is a plastic window on the rear side to show your signature. Will the nearly $3 each Peek-A-Bye prevent identity theft? I honestly don’t think it will do much besides give the owner a false sense of security and some company a unique promotional branding opportunity right on your credit card.

Modular Snake Robots: T-Minus 10 Years till World Domination

Give these snake robots 10 more years of advanced development and they will dominate the world. You heard it here first- and if you’re reading this robot snakes from the future- please spare me from your wrath, I can see the future for you. Watching this video makes me feel like John Connor having a flashback to the origins of SkyNet. These robot snakes slither up poles, legs, in crevices, inside pipes, through mud and even through water. As if just regular snakes weren’t creepy enough, these look like some whacked out biomechanical Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome killer snakes made from low-cost hobby store parts (albeit heavily modified). Check out the video:

Wall Climbing Graffiti Robot is the New REVS

High climbing New York City graffiti legend REVS just got some competition- from a machine. If you’ve ever walked around NYC you will see the REVS tags everywhere in seemingly impossible to reach places beyond the reach of all other graffiti artists. Some are so out there, they’ve gone over 20 years without being scribbled over. Now there’s Couleur sur l’Objet”, a wall climbing printer that grasps the wall via the principle of suction and paints designs via computer controlled software. So no more hanging from ropes or levitating in air like in the old days, now it’s all about the robots. Here’s a quick REVS photogallery after the jump:

Bleeding Ink Calendar and Growing Plant Artwork

The Ink Calendar from London based product designer Oscar Diaz is a calendar that keeps track of time by controlling the ink bleeding on the paper. The ink slowly bleeds up from the inkwell into the paper at a speed that allows it to keep proper time. He has also designed “growing” plant artwork that uses the same principle.

WiFi Umbrella is Not Shocking

The WiFi Umbrella from The Sharp Edge is a combination of a camera, display screen, internet device and umbrella. It can take pictures of you or your surroundings, transmit them via WiFi to Flickr and then display a slideshow of your images on the inside of the umbrella. And oh yeah, it also has a digital compass and GPS. Basically the WiFi umbrella is more advanced than my laptop.

Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of combining electrical devices into something that’s made to be out in the rain but you have to assume it’s safe. I’m also hesitant to spend any sort of money on umbrellas since my track history of losing/breaking/having it blow out of my hand into the hood of a taxi/forgetting umbrellas is expansive. But this umbrella gadget is just plain cool. They should combine this with the Nubrella to make the ultimate umbrella.

The Hourglass Goes Digital

The hourglass is one of the oldest timekeeping methods there is and not much has changed in the last hundreds of years in hourglass design. Until now. The “Sand+Time Watch” from designer Pavel Balykin takes this ancient concept and updates it to the digital age. Sort of. Technically the hourglass pixel mode is just a screensaver and you have to actually press a button on the watch to the get the proper time but aesthetically it looks really freakin’ cool to be wearing an hourglass on your wrist.

The Sand+Time Watch solves that age old issue of wearing an hourglass on your wrist- the problem is keeping your wrist level at all times and flipping it over when the sands run out (which is exactly why all previous hourglass watches failed).

Inflatable Pub for an Instant Blow Up Party

The last time I had a blow up party this big was at my buddy’s bachelor party, but the inflatable pub is an altogether different (and more family friendly-well not that much more, but a little bit) type of blow up.
The pub is erected using air blowers and metal stanchions for support in about 2 hours. The one pictured can hold up to 50 people. Now you can bring the bar right to your backyard without having to slip out of that silly ankle bracelet you got for drunk driving.

Non-Contact Thermometer Takes Temperatures From Afar

Here’s an interesting little gadget- the $25 keychain sized Non Contact Thermometer from Extreme Geek. This little thermometer is accurate to within +/- 4.5 degrees F. It works by measuring infrared radiation and can be used for food preparation, automotive maintenance or computer repair. The non-contact thermometer is definitely a handy little tool to have around.

Panda Chair Looks Comfy

The Banquete Chair with Pandas by artists Fernando and Humberto Campana from Brazil looks pretty darn comfy. Who hasn’t envisioned themselves sitting on a mat of plush stuffed panda dolls? Luckily the legs of this panda chair appear to be made out of metal and not of the panda’s favorite meal- bamboo. Unluckily for you, the chair costs $75,000.

Track Your Snail Mail with a GPS Logger

The Micro GPS Mail Logger from Brickhouse Security is a tiny GPS device that you place INSIDE a snail mailed envelope. You can then track your package remotely via Google Earth. The tracker is 1/4 inch and bendable, so it can be placed in any envelope. The gadget saves it’s GPS location throughout it’s journey onto a MicroSD card. When you receive the package, you hook the SD card into your computer and you can see detailed information about exactly where your package was. The logger tracks location, speed of travel, and altitude in a variety of user set increments. Of course, if your package gets lost in the mail, you’re totally screwed and out the nearly $700 this device costs!

NYPD: 1, Storm Trooper: 0

Here’s a funny off-topic shot from ComicCon here in New York City of an Imperial Stormtrooper getting busted by the New York Police Department.

Lava Lamp Shot Glasses Get You Lit While They Get Lit

Lava Lamp Shot Glasses just might be the best party accessory for the college crowd ever. You know every time you get drunk you want to drink the delicious looking blue ‘juice’ inside your lava lamp- well now you sort of can.

Just fill up the Lava Lamp Shot Glasses with Jager or some other non-Jager wussy shot and watch the groovy LED lights flash through red, blue, and green. When the glass is empty, the lights go out. So basically the shot glass stays lit until you get lit. Just don’t drink out of your real lava lamp- trust me on that one- not pleasant.

Live Lobster Claw Game

Everyone’s seen those claw games where you drop a quarter in and try to manipulate the claw to pick up a stuffed animal that ends up costing you $20 in quarters when you could have just bought the stuffed animal for $5. Well now they’ve added another degree of difficulty to the game while upping the prize ante to something a little more adult friendly- live lobsters. This Maine machine lets you maneuver the claw for 30 seconds for $2 while you try to pick up the squirming lobsters and get yourself a cheap dinner. Not so easy to do since the lobsters are moving around. Watch the video above for the details.

The BBQ Donut is a Floating Pool Party Grill

If you’re like me and you hear the words “BBQ Donut” you probably think “holy shit that sounds like a really tasty idea, where can I get one?”. Then you’d be disappointed that the BBQ Donut is not a food item at all. But if you’re looking for a floating party complete with a built in BBQ, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what the BBQ Donut is.

This donut shaped floating contraption seats 10 and has a BBQ right in the center. The donut is equipped with an onboard motor so it can move around in the water a little bit. It also has a built in sound system because what’s a party without some kickin’ tunes? There is storage for your ice cold drinks under the seats. A true floating party indeed.

Giant Optimus Prime Made from Old Car Parts

Robot-Models is selling a huge 7 foot tall sculpture of Transformer extraordinaire Optimus Prime constructed entirely out of old car parts. The 550 pound metalwork statue sells for $4800 and is totally awesome. Who wouldn’t want one of these in their living room? All it needs now is a paint job to match the real Optimus Prime and I’d totally buy one… or two. Maybe just one- need to save some money for a Bumblebee too.

Stars Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle Box

Is there anything out there that has not been made into a Star Wars branded product? Probably not. The Star Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle box is perfect for that fisherman out there that has not made his way over to the dark side yet. If the force isn’t working on your fishing, maybe the traditional rod and reel will get that catch. With a lightsaber handle, natch.

I don’t think this is the same fishing rod that world famous Ewok “Wicket” used when he went off on a fishing trip in the Wicket Goes Fishing: An Ewok Adventure book, but then again I haven’t really read the book. Who knew that Ewoks ate fish? Unless Wicket is just a sport fishing Ewok? Catch and release little guy.

Man Not Allowed to Board Flight Wearing a Transformers Shirt

Brad Jayakody (The Edge of Madness) is reporting that he was accosted by airport security for wearing the above Transformers shirt. Why? Because Megatron has a gun! On the shirt. He was forced to change shirts and threatened with arrest if he put back on the the offensive shirt.

Wedding Ring Burns Your Flesh Days Before Anniversaries

Never forget an anniversary again! As long as you remember to wear the ring. The Remember Ring concept has a built in tiny micro thermopile to convert the heat from your body into electricity which powers the internal clock. When it’s 24 hours before you anniversary, the Remember Ring heats up to 120º F for about 10 seconds. Then it will continue to warm up every hour on the hour. So there’s no way you can forget the anniversary this year. At a mere $750, there’s no way you’ll forget anyway since you’ll be paying off that credit card bill for the next 20 years. Or the hospital bill from the seared flesh wound on your ring finger.

A Chainsaw Powered by a Motorcycle Engine and a Motorcycle Powered by Chainsaw Engines

Here are two opposite videos for you…the first is a giant chainsaw powered by a VTwin Harley motorcycle engine. This saw is so heavy it takes 2 burly dudes to lift it. Then it slices through a big ol’ log with amazing speed and awesome cutting power, all the while sounding exactly like a Harley would revving it’s engine.

The second video is a motorcycle dubbed the “Dolmette” and it is powered by 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines. Yes, like normal chainsaws, you have to pullstart each and every one individually to get this crazy motorcycle up and running. The chainsaw motorcycle sounds like…a chainsaw. Here’s the second video:

Golf Club You Can Pee Into

The UroClub is a hollowed out golf club designed for you to pee into on the golf course. It looks just like a normal club, more or less, but it has a screw off top and privacy towel so you can go right in the middle of the links.

Golf can be a long game, especially if you have a slow group (or worse yet, a slow group in front of you) because everyone sucks at it. Tiger Woods can probably finish the course in 1/5 the time it takes you. So for the rest of us non-Tigers out there, a good drink on the course is necessary whether you need it to quench your thirst or to build up your beer muscles to improve your game (it really works! try it sometime).

With the UroClub in your golfbag, you can drink as much as you want without fear of having no place to let it all out. Capacity is a bit over half a liter. If you go any more than that, you’ll need to find a legit restroom or go into the woods- like everyone else does.

Beach Chair Converts to a Cart

We’ve all gone to the beach and had to schlep one too many items to allow for that perfect day in the sand where you don’t have to move an inch. One person carries the cooler, one person takes the chairs and someone else takes the blankets and bags of stuff. Or one person has to make multiple trips back and forth from the car to the beach. What a pain in the ass!

With the Super Ant Chair, it’s super easy to carry all your stuff to the beach. It’s a lounge chair that converts to a cart. The cart can haul up the 90 pounds of your crap whilst the chair can support up to 270 lbs of you. Like an ant, it can carry many times it’s own weight. Unlike an ant, it’s blue. What a great idea.

Digimech Digital Mechanical Alarm Clock

The Digimech Alarm Clock combines aspects of both digital and mechanical clocks into one massive device. The numbers are actually printed on sliders that move up as time goes on to reveal the current time within the black frame. Hidden servo motors control the sliders.
It makes more sense if you see the video of the clock in action:

Golf Club with Built in Weed Whacker

The Big Daddy Driver is the golf club with the built in weed whacker. It’s frustrating and hurtful to your golf game to get your ball out in the deep grass where you might have to take several swings just to get it back onto the fairway. Why let players who can actually hit their balls in a straight line get an advantage over you the slicing and hooking into the rough weekend warrior occasional golfer? Why should they have better scores simply because they’re better golfers?

You need every advantage you can get, duffer. So now when your ball gets stuck in the tall grass, just take out your Big Daddy Driver*, flip open the club’s head to reveal the battery powered weed whacker, trim the grass around your ball, and take a clear shot. Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

Pocket Birthday is a Tiny Celebration

Sometimes with birthdays you have to go big and spend lots of money and do crazy things like have a giant bouncy castle in your backyard filled with clowns on stilts and llama rides and skeet shooting. And other times you have to keep it minimal (aka being a cheap bastard). The Pocket Birthday is so minimal it’s sad. It’s like a sad clown crying on your birthday. It says that you’re doing the absolute minimum to recognize this person’s birthday. You’re obligated. If you could just light a match and blow it out you would but convention calls for a colorful candle so here’s the smallest one I could find. Because I care. Minimally.

Swiss Army Keys Don’t Jingle

Whether you’re an apartment dweller, office manager, or a janitor, you might have a lot of keys. And like LL Cool J says, those keys are jingling baby. A crafty user on Instructables has demonstrated how to put your keys into a swiss army knife/leatherman style gizmo. Now you can move quietly without attraction attention like a cow with a bell on it. Just don’t try to bring one of these devices onto an airplane, since you’ll probably be detained. And don’t let anyone see you using this to actually open a door, since it looks like you’re trying to to pick the lock with some sort of large tool. But other than those two minor points, it’s great!

Star Wars In Your Pocket Keyring Sound Effect Gadget

Is that a lightsaber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? No that’s not a lightsaber or a baby Ewok, that’s the officially licensed Star Wars In Your Pocket keychain making lightsaber sounds- in your pocket. Press one of the buttons for original Star Wars audio action. So many situations call for Star Wars sounds and now you no longer have to do your weak Yoda impression that sounds more like Kermit the Frog. With Star Wars In Your Pocket the Force is always with you. In your pocket.

The keyring plays one of six classic Star Wars quotes or sounds:
Princess Leia – “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”
Darth Vader Breathing
Yoda – “Do, or do not. There is no try.”
Lightsaber battle
Obi-Wan Kenobi – “Remember, the force will be with you. Always.”
* C3PO – “We’re Doomed!”
Right now I can’t seem to find it in any US based store but you can purchase it from the UK’s Gobaz or this eBay auction.

Vibrator and Razor in One (NSFW?)

This vibrator from Love Honey is just like any normal vibrator (I guess?) except it opens up to reveal another little handy tool- a built in razor. I assume the lid stays on tight during vibrating use otherwise you might be in for a painful surprise.

Bowling Pin Art: Mario Bros., Star Wars, Zelda

They say bowling is an art form and now it literally is. Well the pins are anyway. Etsy user Daxnorman has created a plethora of geeky bowling pin art pieces. They sell for $48 each and run the gamut from Star Wars, Beatles, Mr. T., Bob Dylan, Zelda, Super Mario, Dumb and Dumber, Big Lebowski, Muppets, famous artists like Picasso, Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Michael Jackson, Goonies, Barrack Obama and even Macho Man Randy Savage. I imagine it’s much more difficult to paint on a rounded surface like a bowling pin than it is on a flat one. More pics after the break:

MacPack Backpack for Old School Mac Fanboys

Mac fanboys, the perfect backpack is here. An Instructables user has converted a circa 1988 Macintosh SE computer into what looks like the world’s most uncomfortable and bulkiest backpack. But it does get exceptionally high marks for it’s retro geek chic coolness factor and DIY skills. Here’s a CraziestGadgets.com executive summary ™ of the “how to”: hollow out an old Mac, attach straps, get stares everywhere you go.

Obama Countdown Timer Keychain

The Obama Countdown Timer Keychain counts down the exact number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Barrack Obama is elected (if you believe he will be). For the John McCain voters out there, you can use your printer, scissors and some glue to easily convert this to a McCain countdown timer. Perhaps after Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention, you’re ready for change and are onboard with Barrack Obama. Or maybe you’d like to keep this keychain and add it to your collection of failed presidential campaigns along with your Dukakis ‘88 suction cup Garfield car accessory. Only time will tell. The timer keychain comes pre-set and is smaller than a credit card.

Buy it for $10.98 at Prank Place

Candlestick Flashlight Combines Two Great Weapons

The Castlight is the greatest weapon known to mankind. It combines two classic weapons into one- the candlestick and the maglight flashlight. You’re probably familiar with the candlestick from the game Clue and other real murder mysteries you may have been witness to and the maglight flashlight from getting beatdown by bouncers and security guards outside the club you got kicked out of.

The Castlight is also doubly useful tool of luminescence. It looks like a fancy candlestick and can also function as one by holding a candle. But flip it over (NOT WITH A LIT CANDLE IN IT DUMMY!!!) and it’s an LED flashlight powered by 3 AA batteries. It has a rubberized texture to give you a firm grip to administer proper beatdowns. Or just to light your way during power outage. It’s your choice.

Lol Magnetz Take Geek Speak to the Magnetic Form

You can has magnetz. Wif dis LOLMagnetz set, makin ur own lolcats iz vry easy. With the LOLMagnetz set you can make your LOL Cats (or LoL whatever) right on your fridge, locker, dishwasher or other magnetized surface area. The set includes 384 LOL Words (who knew there were even that many?) and the magnetized words can actually hold up the picture you are LOL’ing. There’s even a LOLspeak manual for the noobs.

TapeWorm Adds a Cutting Tool to any Roll of Tape

Most tape dispensers are huge bulky plastic things that don’t work anyway and you have to spend time frustrated trying over and over to find the edge of the tape to get the roll restarted. Well the TapeWorm can’t promise an end to losing the tape edge and the related frustration but it does put an end to the those huge cutting dispensers. Made of a flexible material that fits right inside ANY roll of tape, the TapeWorm is perfect for people who use a lot of different types of tape.

Talking Middle Finger Poker Card Guard

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in the US (and the world). To be successful you have to have a bit of luck and a bit of skill. But the last thing you need is some crafty opponent getting a peak at your cards. That’s where the card guard comes in to protect your cards from moving. To top it off this one gives a little taunt to your competitors in the form of the the middle finger and you can pull it down for a little audio F U too. A perfect way to counter all that hot air the guy next to you is blowing.

Rain Wipe is Like a Squeegee for Your Umbrella

The video above explains how the Rain Wipe works. Developed in Japan, the Rain Wipe is an alternative to wrapping your umbrella in plastic bags to keep it from dripping everywhere. Ideally suited for places like department stores, the Rain Wipe is basically a giant sponge-like contraption- you dip in your umbrella and it comes out dry. It sort of reminds me of a golf ball washer.

Nike Bicycle Glasses Extend Your Peripheral Vision

Nike is developing a pair of glasses for bicycling that will extend your peripheral vision to be able to see objects behind you. The Nike Hindsight glasses add a special type of lens to the sides of the glasses which allow for a field of view greater than the human limit of 180º. You will be able to see an extra 25º of view on both sides. The lenses do distort the images on the side but the human eye can only detect motion in that area so the image will remain clear to the eye. Wearing these glasses while bicycling will let you see cars (or other cyclists if you’re in a race) coming up from behind you. The Hindsight is still a concept at this point but it’s simple enough that it may very well make it into production soon.

The Pepper Pager Is Probably a Product of the Past

The Pepper Pager is a product you place on your pants to protect your person and your purse from being purloined by people of a peccant and parasitic personality. It is prudent to have a plan of protection and the Pepper Pager provides peace to that purpose. The problem with the Pepper Pager is that it’s probably a product of the past. It does purport to contain a pair of PepperShot cannisters that propel approximately ten feet preventing your attacker from piecing a prosperous perversion of your property. But seriously, a pager? Who still uses those things?

Rings Cut in Shape of Sound Waves

The Wave Form Series rings by artist Sakurako Shimizu are created from actual sound waves recorded on the computer. The artist laser cuts the sound wave into a silver band to create the unique jewelry design. This would be a great idea for a wedding ring, recording either your vows or the “I do” line’s sound wave into the ring. The only issue would be that you wouldn’t have the rings until after the ceremony. Interesting jewelry idea.

Photoshop Button Buttons

Check out these cool Photoshop Button pins with those iconic buttons. Made of hand pressed metal, these limited edition pins come in a set of 10. Photoshop button buttons are perfect for the profession designer or part time Farker.

Electroman Surge Protector is Shockingly Cool

It’s rare that I would classify a surge protector as “cool” but this Electroman Surge Protector certainly is. Uniquely shaped like a man, Electroman sort of looks like he’s been hanged and electrocuted and is now dangling from your outlet. $25 Electroman has four grounded sockets, each controlled with an on/off switch as well as an indicator light placed right where his heart would be if he wasn’t made of plastic and metal. Cool.

Top 20 A Christmas Story Memorabilia and Collectible Items

Merry Christmas readers of Craziest Gadgets! Everybody knows that A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie ever. But did you know you can furnish 90% of your home in A Christmas Story items? Here’s the top 20:
A Christmas Story Snow Globe
Everybody loves a snow globe! This unique snow globe is based on the Leg Lamp and the carton it came in from the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story. The snow globe measures over 6 inches tall and weighs 3 lbs.

NYC Taxi Driver Demands iPod as Payment

Here’s a crazy story… NYC has installed credit card payment video screen machines in the back seats of most taxicabs. They play annoying advertisements and accept credit cards as payment for your ride. Fantastic! Except when the credit card part doesn’t work. And you don’t have any cash on you. In theory, the driver should be able to take a credit card imprint and charge you that way. In reality, as one 20 year old woman recently found out, something totally different might happen.

A driver drove a woman to the airport. When her credit card was not accepted, she called the credit card company who confirmed that it was an equipment malfunction or signal issue with the taxi. The cabbie then summoned the Port Authority police who then threatened to “book” her unless she gave the driver something. That something turned out to be a $140 iPod in exchange for a $50 cab ride. The woman’s father contacted the Taxi Commission who has deemed it to be an issue between the driver and the woman and out of their jurisdiction. Next step for the woman; small claims court. The lesson: always carry cash!

Argon Triple Laser Putter will have you Putting Laser Straight

Golf is one of the most fun games to play but the hardest to master. Putting is essential to doing well, it’s often on the green where games are won and lost. The Argon Laser Putter won’t make you the next Tiger Woods but it will certainly help your short game. It shoots out three precise laser lines to help teach you to properly line up and hit the ball.

Three lasers is ideal since the ball can block the light of one of them and you will still have a two laser pathway upon which to aim. The lasers are powered by a removable and easily replaceable long lasting 9 volt battery. The lasers are easily turned on and off via a button on the grip (other laser putters require you to tap the putter on the ground to turn them on). Ok put on your Dr. Evil voice: “Lasers!”

A Good Idea: Shopping Cart with Attached Magnifying Glass

Here’s a good design idea from the Swiss, it’s shopping carts with a magnifying glass attached. Now it’s easier than ever to read the tiny ingredients list on the back of the boxes of your food. No need t continually hold up the reading glasses to every item, just bring the item to the glasses. Seen at a food co-op in Geneva, there’s no reason why this simple clip on magnifier couldn’t make it’s way over here to the US, particularly to places with a large population of senior citizens who are more likely to be farsighted. I’m looking at you Florida.

New Gel Packing Material Instantly Conforms to Product’s Shape

A new product from Japan called Insta-Pak promises to revolutionize the packing industry. The gel will instantly conform to the shape of any product, allowing for objects to be tightly packed without the need for packing peanuts or specific styrofoam molds. You insert the Insta-Pak into any sized box and then spray on the activating gel which then causes the material to expand and conform to your product. You’ve got to see the video of this thing in action:

Plug with a Hole for Easy Removal

The problem with plugging things into outlets is that while it’s super easy to plug things in, unplugging things is not as easy. Ok admittedly it’s not as big of a problem as say world hunger or Windows BSODs but it’s a minor annoyance. Sometimes those plugs just don’t want to come out of the outlets- you have to jiggle and fight with them to get them out smoothly. Well the plug with a hole concept makes it super easy to remove the plug because it has a hole for your finger. Ideal for that one gadget that you are constantly plugging and unplugging.

Chair in a Small Package Inflates with Foam- Really?!

The ‘pack chair’ by designer François Azambourg is a conceptual product (with 5 working prototypes apparently) which is a chair that folds and rolls up into a tiny package. When you take the cloth chair out of the packaging, there’s a switch on the side. The switch activates an internal combustion of a two part liquid polyurethane foam which fills up the cloth chair and becomes rigid enough to sit on within seconds.

I don’t think you can return the chair back to it’s flat folded state once it’s “inflated” so to speak. The advantages of this chair are clearly in the shipping and storage prior to it’s use; in it’s package it takes up significantly less space than any folding chair.

Diamond Covered Shrek Pendant

Shrek was a pretty good movie but you’ve got to be a serious Shrek fan to buy a diamond covered Shrek pendant (or a really rich not-so-serious fan). This 10K white gold diamond pendant has a retail value of nearly $6000 which included 5.86 CTS or round cut red and white color diamonds in a pave setting. Of course it’s selling for quite a bit less than that but still, it’s a lot of dough for some Shrek bling. That’s Shrektacular!

Attaché Case Made from a 1960 Cadillac’s Fin

Well this is certainly the most unusual (and only!) attaché case ever seen on this site. This crazy briefcase is made from the fin of a 1960 Cadillac…and it lights up too! Can you picture yourself strutting into the coffeeshop and pulling your laptop out of one of these? Steve Heller creates and sells all sorts of neat looking furniture made from classic car and motorcycle parts. They’ve got a showroom in Boiceville, NY which is up in the Catskills near Woodstock if you’re interested in more (but the fin is the coolest!).

The Keybag is a Bag Made From….You Guessed It.. Keys

As far as geeky fashion accessories, it doesn’t get much geekier than a bag made completely out of keys from your computer keyboard. The Keybag has 393 keys (yes I counted) randomly arranged. It’s available in four different colors including pink for a bit under $200.

Crystal Encrusted Vacuum Cleaner is World’s Most Expensive

Electrolux has introduced the Guinness certified world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner, adorned with 3,730 Swarovski crystals. Created by Polish designer Lukaz Jemiol, the made-to-order vacuum costs nearly $20,000.
So go ahead, the economy is on the upswing, why not splurge on a slightly pricey vacuum. Of course the vacuum ignores one major issue- the fact that anyone who could afford a $20,000 vacuum cleaner definitely has hired help to do the cleaning and probably could care less about what their vacuum looks like. Or maybe they do care, what do I know?

Spockmonkey is a Spock Sock Monkey

Holy Vulcan A! It’s a sock monkey in the form of Spock. At last the worlds of sock monkey aficionados and Star Trek enthusiasts meet in one super adorable world or plushness. Each $46 Spock monkey ships with a free Tribble. If you don’t know what a Tribble is, don’t worry about it, since it’s unlikely you’re in the market for a $46 Star Trek sock monkey anyway. If you do know what a Tribble is- holy cow! A free Tribble. (Not pictured). Also available in Capt. Kirk. Cute.