Radio Controlled Rat Is Pure Evil

The radio controlled rat might just be the scariest radio controlled toy yet- which makes it ideal to scare your friends or coworkers, especially since you can control it from up to 50 feet away. So your office-mate hits you with some USB controlled rockets? Are you going to simply throw some Nerf objects back at them? No, you need to counter with something that is pure evil.

Send this little guy dashing across the floor and watch everyone jump. This evil-looking rodent scurries forward and runs in circles as its beady little eyes beam with an eerie red light. The rat is about 10″ long. I’m getting chills just looking at the picture.
Click to buy from Shop.com: Radio Control Rat

Scare Your Officemates With a Desk Cannon

The 25 inch cannon from the Lighter Side is ideal to scare the crap out of your annoying co-worker in the next cubicle over who spends the entire day making up rhyming “love” words for her cutesy wootsy honey bunny sunshine funshine boyfriend. The cannon produces a realistic flash and boom thanks to being powered by calcium carbide and an actual flint. The 7lb field cannon is capable of firing multiple shots in a row and weighs 7 FREAKIN POUNDS. That’s some heavy artillery.

Pocket Size Laser Projector

The Pico Pocket Projector from Microvision turns almost any device into a projector. There is a small standalone projector, capable of displaying images up to 100 inches diagonally (but only 12 inches in bright light) as well as an embeddable projection module that is actually inside your cellphone. This will allow you to have a projector anywhere you go so there’s no need to bring along your granny glasses to watch movies on your iPhone anymore. You can hook up the standalone laser projector to anything- your Wii, video iPod, portable media player or laptop. The possibilities are limitless.
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Wireless USB Rocket Launcher Takes Cube Warfare to the Next Level

Thought you had seen it all in cube warfare? Think again- the Wireless USB Rocket Launcher has a transmitter and receiver that lets your launcher sit an extra 15 feet away from the base station. Now you can fire foam rockets at your annoying coworkers from much greater distances. Nothing says “stop sweet talking your girlfriend because the whole office can hear you” like a remotely fired foam rocket to the face or crotch.

Set one of these things up to 15 feet away from your desk and stealthily control the action from your computer unseen from 15 feet away. Check out the overly dramatic video of the USB Wireless Rocket Launcher in action:

Recycled Circuit Board Clipboards Up Your Geek Points

Tired of losing geek points by actually writing things down instead of typing them into your electronic device? Now you can save the planet and up your office geek level points at the same time with these recycled circuit board clipboards. While you will still lose geek points by writing by hand, they will be countered by the fact that you are writing on a circuit board for a net effect of no geek points gained or lost.

These neat office accessories are made from discarded circuit boards that otherwise would have ended up in landfills so you are also being earth friendly. Plus they look pretty freakin cool. Just make sure you have a few sheets of paper on them at once since they don’t appear to be super conducive to actually writing on with their grooves and irregular surfaces.

Blow Up Your Office

Ever wanted to work in an igloo just like the Eskimos do? Now you can sort of with the inflatable cubicle from UK’s top inflatables company Inflate. The blow up cube is ideal for setting up a quick temporary office or creating your own personal fortress of solitude. Inflate also has a full line of other similar inflatable structures for all your blow up needs. Just don’t walk too close with a pin.

Top Secret Passwords Pad is an Elephant

The Top Secret Passwords Pad never forgets. Too many sites to keep track of all your passwords? Looking for a hacker-safe offline place to store all your super top secret passwords? Then look no further than the 60 sheet MTSP Pad. Write all your passwords down, put the paper in a safe place and never forget a login again.

Available for $6.50 at Perpetual Kid.

Oh Shazbot! It’s the Globus Workstation

Oh Shazbot! The Globus Workstation is sort of a mid-century modern space age egg shaped desk. The desk folds up into a ball and the whole apparatus is on wheels and can be moved around. It does look pretty slick but I can’t help thinking that it reminds me of something else…

Delete Key Flyswatter

Because there’s no esc for flies! The delete key flyswatter is the only computer themed flyswatter out there. It’s both Windows and Mac compatible and is sure to help keep your work area clear of those annoying flies. Although, maybe if you cleaned up all those chip crumbs and dried up sticky soda spills on your desk, you wouldn’t be attracting so many flies in the first place.
buy at WorldWideFred

Revolving Door Creates Human Powered Energy

The Revolution Door concept from Fluxxlab adds a power harnessing component to a standard revolving door to create energy as people walk through the door and turn the gears. While it is a good idea in theory, if it adds any additional resistance to the door it will make it even more difficult for some people to push the door. In a heavily traffic’ed doorway this could be very useful.

Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holder

sportation Gadgets
Here’s a creative adaptive reuse of obsolete technology geekery in the form of a floppy disk pen and pencil holder. The holder is a geek chic contraption of five 3 1/4 floppies connected to form the ultimate desk accessory for the retro-geek lover in you. Luckily, the pen isn’t quite obsolete yet.

Air Conditioned Ass Cushion

We all get a little sweaty in posterior region while sitting for long periods of time playing WoW, or as CrunchGear says get “swampass”. Well with this new butt gadget, that is no longer a concern. The Suzukaze is an air conditioned pillow you sit on to keep your rear cool.

How cool exactly? Glad I asked since I have a pretty decent comparison if I do say so myself- as cool as Bruce Springsteen’s blue jeans and red bandana ass on the cover of Born in the USA (the opposite of Beyonce booty, which would be hot- not cool).

Besides costing you a small amount of dignity at having to require an air conditioned cushion to keep your behind from sweating and having people stare at an adult diaper looking device on your chair every time you get up to leave, the Suzukaze costs a mere 5 cents a day in electricity. A small price to pay for a sweat free posterior.

The Unshredder Puts Shredded Documents Back Together

Thought your shredded documents were safely gone for good? Think again, with the Unshredder, the world’s first commercial document reconstruction tool. Unshredder is a $950 piece of software that can put back together shredded documents. Of course reconstructing documents is not easy- you will first have to paste all the shredded papers onto transparent sheets. Then you scan in both sides. The Unshredder software takes it from there, like a computerized CIA agent.

Until they make a document reconstruction device that can put together papers that have been shredded, coated in peanut butter, eaten by my dog, pooped out on the city sidewalks, picked up and thrown out in the corner garbage can, I feel confident that my information is safely gone for good.

Ninja Throwing Star Thumbtacks

Nothing says “I am the baddest MF’er in this whole office so give me a raise now or fear my wrath” like some fake ninja throwing star thumbtacks. Or it might just be saying “I’m a total geek so why not pile on some more work at 4:59 because it’s not like I have any sort of life to go home to anyway”. Either way, there’s a level of coolness about ninjas and bringing a little bit of the ninja style to your bulletin board says you’re serious about tacking things up. You do not mess around when it comes to getting that paper vertical.

Mouse Flips Open to Reveal Calculator

This flip open mouse from Canon (Canon?!?) opens up to reveal a standard calculator inside. It’s a great spacesaving idea for your office desktop or even home, especially if you work in the type of profession where you will need frequent access to a calculator and it’s not always convenient to use the one built into your computer. Some application are difficult to minimize or switch away from and computer calculators can often be clunky and harder to use than an offline calculator.

Although this Cannon mouse does look like a cellphone when it’s opened up, it will definitely come in handy for anyone looking for convergence of desktop items in order to save space and keep a tidier desktop.

Sweety Stress Reducing Desktop Companion

Sweety may look like a sweet little robot alien thing on a platter but he is much more than that. He’s a stress reducer. Yes you can squeeze him and punch him in the face like a normal stress relieving doll, but he can also do so much more. He can calm you with his beautiful graphic patterns and play interactive games where you manipulate his soft body. So much more. No I don’t get it either.

USB Hub Fishtank with Magnetic Paperclip Holder Top

Just when you thought that USB hubs couldn’t get any junkier, along comes the USB Fishtank Hub with Magnetic Top. This 4 port hub has a 7 color LED light inside to light up your fake fish. Somehow the top is magnetic so it can also hold all your paperclips. The whole gadget screams “branded corporate gift bag giveaway” to me.

Light Up Star Wars Lightsaber Stylus

I’m almost shocked it took someone this long to come up with the Star Wars style lightsaber stylus. Not just a regular cheapo imitation lightsaber, a light-up lightsaber. These were designed to be used with your Nintendo DS system, except that they’re too big to actually fit inside the designated slot for the stylus. So why are they selling it as a Nintento DS accessory? Poor marketing!

I’ll give it to you straight- this is the coolest stylus ever and it’s not going to fit into any stylus slot on any accessory. But who the hell cares? Look how cool it is! You know you’re going to get all Jedi’ed out and break this thing within the first week of owning it- that’s why it comes in a 2 pack. Nobody really needs 2 stylii. Except to have lightsaber battles with each other. Awesome- battle it out- saber stylii style.

You can pre-order at Amazon: Nintendo DS Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber Stylus 2 Pack

Bubble Calendar Keeps the Dates Poppin

The Bubble Calendar is made entirely of bubble wrap with each bubble having one date printed on it. Each day you pop another bubble to set the calendar to the current date. Everyone loves popping bubble wrap bubbles and the Bubble Calendar allows you get in one pop every day (3 on Mondays if you keep it at work and don’t work on the weekends).

I know that since it’s mid-summer, you’re probably thinking about what type of calendar you want for ‘08, so now’s the time to get one. Just think of all the fun you’ll have trying to catch the calendar up to the current date! Just restrain yourself from going ahead too far- I know you want to pop them- but don’t.

180 Reversible Pen

There hasn’t been much innovation in the pen industry in the last few years. Until now. The 180 degree Reversible Pen can write from either end. But no need to worry about getting poked in the hand with the back end, the pen’s tip retracts into the body of the pen itself. The stout bulbous shape allows you to hold it in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. There’s no wrong way to hold the 180 pen.

Electric Vibrating Banana Eraser

I don’t know about you but every time I make a mistake writing something in pencil and take out my standard pink eraser I think to myself, “If only this eraser could vibrate, I could erase so much faster… and how about making it shaped like a banana too?”. Clearly the designers of the Electric Banana Eraser had the same thoughts but instead of just letting it mill around in their head, they took action and produced the product. Now thanks to to their banana millions, they’re probably sitting around in rooms full of gold coins like a real life Scrooge McDuck and I’m sitting here erasing something with an electric vibrating banana.

Solar Powered Dancing Panda

If you’re a collector of dancing panda’s like me, you’ll want to add this one to your collection. This little dancing panda is powered by the sun. Or more likely your office’s overhead fluorescent lighting. A small solar cell on the front collects the light and transforms the solar power into dancing panda power (aka the most powerful thing in the universe). The panda has an on/off switch in case you are overly annoyed by it. Panda power!

Available for $16 at Gadget4All

USB Red Apple Base Flower Fan Device WTF

Why would a flower be growing out of an apple? It’s one of the great mysteries of gadget nature but there it is- an orange flower growing out of a red apple (although in the picture the blades look more yellow, the description calls it orange). This abomination of nature is a quiet desk fan that can be powered via USB or 3 AA batteries. Also available in pink coming out of a green apple. Darwin is rolling over in his grave right now.

Just $9.99 at Sourcingmap

Have USB flash drives become so disposable that the greatest extra function we can add to them is to make them shaped like a paperclip to hold paper?

Problems with sandwich theft in the office? Is your PB&J disappearing daily? Is your lunch so freakin delicious that you need to keep it under lock and key for safety? Well put an end to that with the Fake Mold Sandwich Bag. Yes this bag will make it look like your sandwich is the one left there by that crazy girl who got fired two months ago and is now some sort of science experiment (the sandwich, not the girl). Nobody will touch your food when it looks like it’s covered in green mold. Just make sure nobody sees you taking the sammy out of the bag or the jig will be up real quick.

Why not tack on an FM radio, a pair of speakers for your iPod, MP3 player or the computer, and a solar powered calculator all into the mousepad? Then

Have USB flash drives become so disposable that the greatest extra function we can add to them is to make them shaped like a paperclip to hold paper? Apparently so with this 2GB $18 Aigo drive that was just released. And all along I thought the point of flash drives was to eliminate paper?

Mousepad with Wireless Speaker, Radio, and Calculator is a Spacesaver

The mousepad is not a gadget typically found riddled with features or innovation. I mean it’s basically a piece of rubber or whatever. However, it is generally needed if you want your mouse to function smoothly, especially if you’re a slob and have crumbs and spills all over your desk. And combining a few other items that are typically taking up space on your desk into one all-inclusive super mousepad is a great innovative idea!The mousepad is not a gadget typically found riddled with features or innovation. I mean it’s basically a piece of rubber or whatever. However, it is generally needed if you want your mouse to function smoothly, especially if you’re a slob and have crumbs and spills all over your desk. And combining a few other items that are typically taking up space on your desk into one all-inclusive super mousepad is a great innovative idea!
Why not tack on an FM radio, a pair of speakers for your iPod, MP3 player or the computer, and a solar powered calculator all into the mousepad? Then make the whole thing wireless and add in a gel wrist rest for ergonomic comfort. You’d have the ideal multi-function mousepad.

Darth Vader Pen Holder

This makes up for the indignity of the R2D2 tissue holder. Turning the evil Lord Vader into a wimpy desktop appliance serving a purpose no better than an empty coffee cup. That’s how we do it in the Rebel Alliance. The pen holder includes Vader sound effect, so you can hear Darth Vader’s breath when you take a pencil out. Don’t worry, he’s harmless now that he’s under Rebel control. You pens however, might have a slight stench of evil on them. My how the mighty have fallen.

The Plug Mug Keeps Your Mug Safe from Coworkers

Tired of your coworkers stealing your coffee mug every day forcing you to have to wash out one their nasty mugs after you’ve already washed your own mug out? The solution is to quit your job and work someplace where people respect your belongings. That or to get a Plug Mug. The Plug Mug has a small stopper plug towards the bottom, making it impossible to drink out of without it. If your coworkers swipe this mug, their coffee will pour right out the bottom, scalding them. Also ideal if you want to fill it up with coffee and then “shotgun” the entire cup into your mouth via the plug hole.

Available at Gadgetshop (UK) via geeky-gadgets

Bizarre Calculator is Designed to Crash

This is hands down the strangest, craziest, weirdest calculator ever designed. The Takumi Crash calculator has a really unusual user-unfriendly keyboard layout that almost looks like a bad game of Tetris. If you’re able to navigate the keys and put in your numbers to to be calculated, it’s like spinning the roulette wheel- it’s designed so that once in a while the whole thing crashes and you lose your numbers in a flurry of crumbling pixels. WTF? Also it costs $60 and comes in three colors all of which are completely sold out. Seriously, WTF?

Just because you’re working in an office doesn’t mean you have to grow up! The Crayola Crayon Executive Pen is a real ballpoint pen inside a crayon lo

The iGala is one of the most advanced digital photo frames out there. Inside the 8″ LCD touchscreen frame is a Linux based operating system complete with WiFi. This means you can pull pictures directly from Flickr and Gmail without having to connect to your computer. You can email photos right to the frame. The frame includes 1GB of internal memory (enough for 5000 photos). It also accepts SD cards and can connect via USB. The iGala can also display news and traffic via Windows Live Frame It. That’s one powerful frame.

Crayola Crayon Executive Pen is the Pen that Looks Like a Crayon

Just because you’re working in an office doesn’t mean you have to grow up! The Crayola Crayon Executive Pen is a real ballpoint pen inside a crayon looking shell. The pen has a brass body to give it the weight and feel of a pricey pen. Turn the end to reveal the ball point. The Crayola Crayon Executive Pen measures 5″ long and uses standard ballpoint pen refills. Available in red, black, blue, or green.

Buy it for $16.99: Crayola Crayon Executive Pen at Perpetual Kid

Consolation Calculator Determines your Mental Anguish, Adds Numbers

The forthcoming Mental Anguish Calculator from Wiz Inc. (Japanese) is more than just a standard calculator- it can also calculate the amount of mental anguish you are receiving. The calculator has a “consolation calculation” button which allows you to determine the net worth of your troubles. You choose who is giving you the anguish (boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) and a few other details, then you hit the “mental damage” button and the calculator will tell you how much anguish you are in. Responses range from “beer” to “dinner”.

I’m sensing a trend here with this and the crash calculator; calculators that do more than just add up numbers. A bright future of calculator innovation is upon us! Available in January for about $25 in Japan.

USB Flash Drive with Post-It Dispenser

Here’s a neat little convergence of old and new technologies- a wooden USB flash drive with built in Post-It dispenser. It can hold 2GB of data and 100 tiny Post-It notes. It seems like a pretty decent idea, although if you put it in your pocket, the Post-It notes will probably get all bent and frayed out of shape. It actually would be ideal if you had frequently changing data on the flash drive and you used the Post-It notes to keep track of what’s on there at any particular time. The drive costs $30 which is way too costly- for that kind of money I’ll just make my own with some glue.

I can never keep my desk clean. As much as I would love to have a perfectly clutter free desk, I simply can’t keep up with all the paperwork and end u

I can never keep my desk clean. As much as I would love to have a perfectly clutter free desk, I simply can’t keep up with all the paperwork and end up with big piles and stacks of things all over the desktop. The Clark Desk would be the perfect desk for messy folks like myself.

The idea behind the Clark desk is that it has big open storage areas on the sides that are designed for stacking up piles of your stuff. It has both deep pockets for papers and binders as well as shallow slanted open bins for writing instruments and miscellaneous desktop doodads and doohickeys. So you can still maintain those “it may look like a mess, but I know where everything is” piles but now they are off to side and your desktop is free and clear so you can get some work done.

Memoring is a Post-It Note Ring

The Memoring is a wearable post-it note ring. Great for jotting down notes on the fly or just for fun. The only thing is that to remove a note it looks like you’re going to have to either rip it on the bottom or take the whole ring off, because the top of the pad is on the inside of your finger facing your palm. Neat post-it idea though.

Google Page Business Card: A Good Idea

Here’s a great idea for a business card- it’s just an image of a google search for your name (in this case Ji Lee whose idea this is). While it is witty, it could be taken as slightly condescending saying “hey you really need my card? are you too incompetent to google me?”. On the other hand it’s pure genius and a memorable business card, as long as you have a unique name- sorry John Smith, no dice on this one.

Doorbell for your Cubicle: The Cubicaller

Got a lot of visitors to your cubicle in your office? Are they always coming up and scaring you from behind? Maybe it’s time to get a bit more civilized with the Cubicaller- a doorbell for your cubicle. The Cubicaller plays 12 different sounds:
* Chirping Birds
* Old Car Horn
* “Ding Dong” Doorbell
* Sprong
* Fading Lazer
* Knocking on Door
* Foghorn
* Big Band
* “Quack Quack”
* Ringtone
* Cat Meowing
* Chimes
The Cubicaller attaches with velcro and is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Bullet Pen Won’t Help Your Write Any Faster

It’s not easy trying to look like the tough guy when you’re wearing tan khaki dockers and a corporate casual shirt. One thing that could help would be to start writing notes with a pen made from an actual .375 H & H Magnum Shell. Inside is a lacquered Fisher Space Bullet ballpoint pen with a pressurized cartridge, so it doesn’t rely on gravity to write. Let’s face it, when you give out a note written with a bullet pen, people are going to take heed. Also ideal for the hunter/poet and the policeman/author, and maybe even the murderer/secretary.

Sushi Stapler

With cutbacks in today’s economy, the days of sushi for lunch might be long over. Mustard sandwiches 4 days a week with McDonald’s value menu meals on Fridays it is until the economy recovers. But with a sushi stapler, at least you can have a reminder of the good ol’ freespending days of the ’00’s (that 00’s thing never really caught on, did it?). Available in tuna, salmon and shrimp, each stapler comes with #10 staplers is actual sushi size. Yum.

Digital Photo Frame and Pencil Cup

The Memory Cup Digital Photo Frame Pencil Cup/Desktop Organizer is a great combo desktop item. It has a 1.5″ LCD screen to display all your favorite photos as well as store all your pens, pencils, erasers, and paper clips. It connects via USB to both PC’s and Macs and can hold up to 70 pictures.

* 1.5-inch LCD display
* Supported Formats: BMP/JPEG/GIF/TIF
* Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
* Memory: built-in 1 MB flash memory
* Storage Capacity: up to 70 pictures
* Time display
* Power: built-in 3.7V lithium-ion battery or USB cable charger
* Proudly display your photos on your desk without increasing clutter
* Organize your desktop
* Simple to download pictures directly from a PC
* CUP to store pens, pencils, etc..
Buy Memory Cup Digital Photo Frame Pencil Cup/Desktop Organizer for $22.99

Tape Dispenser USB Hub

Have your tape and data too with the USB Tape Holder. This combination device will hold a standard roll of tape as well as 4 USB devices. Great for the home office to save you space on your desk. The USB ports are on opposite sides of the dispenser so it’s easy to plug in all your gadgets. And you can dole out all the tape you want. It’s just $9 which is a pretty decent deal I think (although to be perfectly honest, I have not priced out tape dispensers lately).

Cardapult is the Best. Business Card. Ever.

If you want to stand out in the business world today you need a creative edge. You need to stand out. A plain old flat card stock business card isn’t going to keep you in anyone’s mind after you leave. A genius idea would be to turn your business card into a desktop catapult powered by a rubberband. The cardapult can launch tiny paper projectiles a surprisingly far distance. I know if I had one of these awesome original business cards, it would be on my desk permanently. And that’s the type of impression you need to make. Take a look at the video:

Facebook Styled Business Cards

Add me as a friend… to your wallet. Really cool idea to make the Facebook confirm friend page as your business card, especially if you’re in some sort of creative field. If someone at a bank or more serious place gave me their business card and it looked like this, I’d super poke it right into the trash.

Fargo Fan is a Fan in a Globe on a Pedestal

The Fargo has to be one of the classiest fans ever produced. Designed as a throwback to the classic desktop bank fans of the 1920’s, the fan creates a breeze above desk level without disturbing the papers below it. Air flows in from both the top and bottom of the fan and out through the sides (where the equator would be if it was a globe). This 20″ tall fan (with a 9″ diameter grill) literally puts your fan up on a pedestal. It almost looks like a fan you’d see on the desk at newspaper office in a comic book.

Maze Pen Keeps Your Meetings Interesting

Meetings in the office are soooooo boring. One can only doodle on their notepad so much before it becomes obvious you’re not paying attention. You could be like someone I used to work with who would just blatantly bring the newspaper into meetings and sit there and read it the whole time no matter who was speaking. But not all of us have the job security to be so obnoxious in front of our bosses. That’s why there’s the more subtle form of distraction like the Maze Pen. Bring the pen to your next meeting or conference call and work the tiny ball from the top of the pen through the maze to the bottom and then back again. To others it will just look like you’re fidgeting with your pen. The pen really works too, in case someone says something noteworthy (doubt it!).

Buy Maze Pen for $1.99.

In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub Fills Your Hole

It’s rare that something as pedestrian as a USB hub could be called borderline genius but this In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub is just that. Many office desks have that big grommet hole in the back to run your wires through. Why not plug that hole with something useful like a usb hub? Now rather than run a whole boatload of wires through the hole, just run one for the hub and plug all your useless gizmos in on top of your desk instead of having to duck underneath to scope out the USB port on your computer. No more bumping your head and getting your khakis all scuffed up just to charge up your iPhone. Cool office tool!

Notched Pencil is the Biggest Innovation in Pencils Since the Eraser

There hasn’t been much innovation in the world of pencils since the eraser was added on. Sure there’s the mechanical pencil, but pencil purists like myself don’t really count those as true pencils. They are bastardizations of the ultimate writing instrument (you can’t dispute it, quill pen fans, don’t even try). Well designer Alexander Hulme has made a simple change to the pencil that just might change the way we think about pencils.
By adding a simple notch into a pencil, he has changed the entire dynamic of pencil storage. Now you can simply clip a pencil onto your shirt pocket, allowing easy access to the writing tool. Pocketability is no longer solely the domain of the pen. It’s a whole new world out there. Yes, I’m sure some wood shop teachers and whittlers out there have made their own versions of this before and you could too, unless you’re one of those (gasp) pen people. Argh.