Chair Leg Dog Chew Toy

This might be either the greatest idea ever, or an invitation to reward your dog for bad behavior. The Chew Leg Cover is a rubber chew toy for your dog that goes over the legs of your chairs (or tables). Designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson, it measures just under a foot in height and comes in quite a few colors: natural brown, cream, purple, orange, turquoise and fuchsia.

So if your dog is going to be munching on your furniture legs while you’re out, why not cover them up with a safe alternative to protect your furniture from bite marks? On the other side of the coin, are you just encouraging your dog to chew on chair legs by giving them a chew toy on a leg? Obviously I’m no dog behavior or psychology expert, so I guess you have to ask yourself WWCMD (what would Cesar Milan do)? Costs $29.99 each.


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