The Swerve- Neck and Back Shaver Groomtool Giveaway Contest

We’re giving away The Swerve to one lucky reader! What’s The Swerve? It’s the world’s first “full body groomtool”, an ergonomically designed razor ideal for shaving hard to reach spots like the back of your neck and upper body. The patent pending designed Swerve contains a triple-action blade for swift cutting precision and a lubricating strip to help it glide smoothly along your body.
Much easier than trying to maneuver a regular razor behind your neck or having to round up your significant other to shave you. Craziest Gadgets has teamed up with Swerve to give away 5 singles, a $5.99 retail value, and 1 triple pack, a $14.49 retail value to one lucky winner. All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment below with your email address. Here’s the official rules:


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