Balanzza Ergonomic Digital Compact Luggage Scale is Worth It’s Weight in Baggage Fees

With airlines today charging outrageous fees for overweight bags, having something like the Balanzza Ergonomic Digital Compact Luggage Scale is definitely worth it. By avoiding one overweight bag fee, you will have more than paid for this travel gadget. The Balanzza scale can handle bags up to 100 pounds and attaches to you luggage via a strap rather than a hook that can damage your bags. Easier to lift than most other scales because it has no handle- you can lift it with two hands if you need to. The digital readout is large and easy to read and it switches from lbs to kg easily. It beeps when it has a reading and freezes on the highest weight recorded. An ideal gadget for people who travel with heavy things like scuba gear, heavy winter clothes, or gold bars.


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