Grabit Pack Review

So we’ve had an opportunity here at Craziest Gadgets world headquarters in Gadgetville, USA to try out the Grabit Pack. The Grabit Pack is basically a pack that attaches securely to your thigh. The pack has three pockets of various sizes to store your gear.

The big advantage of the Grabit Pack over say a fannypack or a manbag (murse) is security. The pack has two straps, one that goes around your waist and one at the bottom that goes around your leg. This means the bag lay tight against your leg. If you’ve ever put something hard like a camera in the lower pocket of a pair of cargo pants or shorts, you’ll know exactly why having a pocket tight against your leg is an advantage- when you walk it will not bang up against your kneecap (that hurts!). The bag puts your items right in front of you so you get them easily and always keep an eye on them.
The Grabit Pack does cover up your top pocket of your pants; so while you can still put something in there, you can’t easily access it without removing the pack, depending upon how high or low you wear the pack of course. The three pockets in the pack are all decent sized, the smaller two could easily hold your wallet, cellphone, or digital camera and the larger one is big enough for some video cameras. The bottom two pockets have a velcro enclosure while the top is a zipper. The largest pocket also has a strap on the outside.


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