Hottips iPod/iPhone Charger has a 12v Car Adapter and Wall Charger in One

Here’s a hot tip for ya- the Hottips! Charger, an all-in-one charging solution for your iPod or iPhone (yes the exclamation point is actually part of the name!). Got the new iPhone 3GS and plan on using it heavily? You’re gonna need to charge that puppy up. This compact charger has a 12v lighter connection for charging on the go in your car, boat, or RV. The folding 110-240v AC wall plug is ideal for charging at home, in your office, or on the road in a hotel or airport.
The bright LED glows when your iPod or iPhone is charging and dims when it’s done. There’s a 5 foot long charging cord included. The sleek looking black and silver Hottips! Charger is compact and lightweight at just 2.5″H x 2.5″W x 1″D and 4.64 oz. Ideal for traveling both for business and pleasure.
Buy the Hottips! Charger for just $29.99


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