Live Action Flying Duck Hunt Toy Now Available

We covered the Live Action Flying Duck Hunt Toy toy back when it was being shown at CES but now it’s finally available to buy. Modeled after the classic Nintendo game, this $29.95 toy lets you hunt a flying duck with a harmless infrared gun (harmless to us, not so much for that poor flying duck).

Charge the mechanical duck on the barrel of the gun for 10 seconds and it takes flight for 30 seconds, flapping it’s wings at almost 500 times per minute. You can set the 6″ duck to fly in a level straight line or in an erratic circle. It takes 3 hits to down the duck, the first 2 just stun it temporarily and the third drops him. The gun has a 20′ range. Looks like a ton of fun for all ages! And best of all, no laughing dog.


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