Nathan’s Hot Dog Vending Machine: That’s Totally Kosher With Me

Great news for hot dog lovers; Nathan’s Famous Coney Island hot dogs are coming soon to a vending machine near you. The machines are being run by Kosher Vending Industries the leading Kosher vending machine operator. The hot dogs will all be certified as Kosher (all Nathan’s Famous franks are beef, but relatively few are produced and served under a rabbi’s oversight).

The vending machines will get the dogs grilled and the buns warmed within 34 seconds. Now if only they could get Nathan’s french fries into one of these machines (complete with little red pitchfork style fork, natch) I’d be in late night munchie heaven. And if you see one of these machines and there’s a small Japanese man named Kobyashi standing in front of it with a roll of quarters, back away slowly because you’re going hungry buddy.


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