Reebok Talkin’ Crazy Dry Erase Sneakers are Great for Trash Talkin’, Test Cheatin’

Reebok has introduced a line of basketball sneakers called Talkin’ Crazy where the entire surface of the sneaker is done in a dry erase fabric (like a whiteboard). Reebok purports that you can write on these with a dry erase marker and taunt your opponents on the basketball court. CraziestGadgets.com purports that you can use these for cheating on your exams and if you’re about to get busted all you have to do is wipe them clean with a sleeve or cuff.

What I think is cool about these sneakers is that you can doodle and design whatever you want on them an unlimited number of times, allowing for complete customization of your footwear. Talkin’ Crazy sneakers retail for $79.99 and are available exclusively at Champs Sports. A dry erase pen is included with each pair.


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