Snoop Dogg Action Figures Fo-Shizzle

Bring a mini-Snoop Dogg home with you. The 12 inch Snoop Dogg Action figure comes in two different Pimptastic flavas- Snoopafly and Little Junior.
Snoopafly has 43 points of articulation for maximum Snoop bending (bending down to roll a joint, bending over to pass a blunt, bending around to slap a ho). Obviously being a pimp takes way more articulation.

Snoop Dogg Action Figures are outfitted in Doggstyle clothing, natch. Look out Barbie, there’s a new man in town and he just pulled a piece on Ken and kicked him out of the club. Snoop Dogg is in the Barbie Dreamhizzouse sippin’ on Gin and Juice doing it Doggystyle.


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