Solar Powered Safari Hat will Keep You Cool While Looking…

Personally I’m not a fan of safari hats- probably because my head is so small that they make me look like I’m wearing one of those gigantic foam cowboy hats- in fact my head is so small that they call me Beaker (from the Muppet Show). When I wear safari hats I look like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert (the one with the hat that covers his whole face). But enough about me and my tiny head.

Just because I don’t look good in safari hats, doesn’t mean you don’t. Some people do. But a safari hat alone is not enough to keep you cool. You need more power! The Solar Safari Cool Hat combines all the sun-blocking ability of a standard safari hat and combines it with a solar powered fan on the front brim to keep you cool. The hat is weather-proof and made of natural linen straw. You can also pop in a pair of AA batteries if you want to keep cool after dark. The fan is probably pretty good at keeping mosquitoes off your face too.


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