Argon Triple Laser Putter will have you Putting Laser Straight

Golf is one of the most fun games to play but the hardest to master. Putting is essential to doing well, it’s often on the green where games are won and lost. The Argon Laser Putter won’t make you the next Tiger Woods but it will certainly help your short game. It shoots out three precise laser lines to help teach you to properly line up and hit the ball.

Three lasers is ideal since the ball can block the light of one of them and you will still have a two laser pathway upon which to aim. The lasers are powered by a removable and easily replaceable long lasting 9 volt battery. The lasers are easily turned on and off via a button on the grip (other laser putters require you to tap the putter on the ground to turn them on). Ok put on your Dr. Evil voice: “Lasers!”


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