Barbie Digital Nail Printer Prints Right Onto Your Fingernails

The Barbie Digital Nail Printer is part of Mattel’s new line of products dubbed “beautronics”. The Nail Printer is designed to print images directly onto your fingernails using thermal inkjet technology and specially-formulated cosmetic grade ink.

You insert your finger into the machine and a digital camera inside transmits an image of your fingernail to the computer. Then using the included Barbie software you can select from 1000’s of image designs and see a live preview of the image you choose superimposed on your nail so you see exactly what it would look like on your nail. Kids can even upload their own pictures to use. The printer takes about 10-15 seconds for each nail. It actually looks like it would be a lot of fun. The Barbie Dolled up Nails Digital Nail Printer is available now, so expect to see it on a lot of young girls’ Christmas lists this year.


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