Bluetooth Headset Converts to a Ring

This might be one of the coolest things ever- it’s a bluetooth headset that folds up into a ring to wear around your finger when not in use. A simple twist and it converts. It’s called the Orb and it’s scheduled to launch in January. Yep, it might look like a concept but this tiny bluetooth headset is really being made.

If you’re a frequent wireless earpiece user with your cellphone you usually only have a few choices about where to put your headset when it’s not in use. You can leave it on your ear, which just looks weird and a bit pretentious- like you’re talking on the phone all the time or are expecting important calls constantly. You could put it aside on a table or someplace but then you have to scramble to go find it when you want to use it. Or you could put it in your pocket, which is a bit of an awkward proposition at times and do you really need one more thing in your pockets?


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