Otto Plush Animal Bag is a Stuffed Animal that’s Stuffed with All Your Other Stuffed Animals

One stuffed animal to rule them all! Does your kid have stuffed animals up the wazoo? Are there plush animal toys everywhere threatening to completely take over your house? The Otto Plush Animal Bag will get your kids interested in putting their stuffed animals away because it is a giant stuffed animal itself!
There are 6 mesh breathable windows that zip open so the Otto Bag can be filled up. Filled up, it forms a giant ottoman or floor cushion of some sort. It’s made of 100% polyester and is machine washable just in case one your plush friends gets scared and has a little accident inside the bag. You could also throw small pillows and blankets in there too. Cleaning up is fun. It’s $83.99, but if it saves your house from being overrun by stuffed animals, it’s well worth it.


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